George Hilton documentary

Hi! I am producing an independent documentary about actor George Hilton, to be released this year. It is a Brazilian-Italian co-production titled “George Hilton: il mondo è degli audaci”. No name in English yet, but the translation doesn’t sound so great “George Hilton: the word is for the audacious”. Something better will come.

By Hilton’s life and career you have a fascinating panorama of Italian popular cinema of the 60’s to 80’s. My greatest problem now is obtaining permission of using film clips and photos. Is someone here familiar with Italian copyright laws? Can I use them and claim Fair Use? How about trailers, posters and press material, can I use that with no problem? Any info will be gladly welcomed. Best from Rio de Janeiro!

Hi Daniel.
I’m really not sure of the laws on this but maybe you could contact Mike Malloy who made the documentary on Eurocrime a little while back. He must have faced the same issues. You should be able to contact him via the film’s facebook page I should think.

If it helps, the common idioms in English are “the world is (yours) for the taking” or “the world is your oyster”.

Thanks, but it still doesn’t sound so great. Il mondo è degli audaci is a Hilton’s motto. He had to be very brave all his life to go after his dreams. Several time it was the only thing he had, his audacity.