Gentleman Killer / Gentleman Jo … uccidi (Giorgio Stegani, 1967)

This is what you’re after ! :wink: French release DVD … wipes the floor with the Wildeast release.

Look at the picture!! So clear! What are the language options?

The Koch DVD is as good as the French and has English audio for anyone who is interested in purchasing the film.

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Check out available DVDs here…_uccidi/DVD

This link isn’t working … before you go on to the forums, type in the film you’re searching for, and that will take you to all relevant pages :smiley:


Oh good, I really like Koch releases.

Keep forgetting I’ve got this film. All this talk makes me wanna finally check it out…

Well worth it Dean for Eduardo Fajardo performance alone.

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Steffen is super cool in this flik, have watched the flik on YouTube several times

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