Full list of SWs coming from Impulso Records (Spain)

This is a full list of SW releases coming from Impulso Records (Spain). Obviously they are all going to be spanish language without any english options but given the rarity of some titles this list should be helpful anyway. List of titles taken from La balada de Johnny Ringo DVD liner notes sleeve, english titles found from IMDb + various other sites. Help needed with “Viva para matare”, “Bano de sangre al salir el sol” and “Baro en los ojos.”

Films which lack english language DVD releases are with bold letters (note: I count Wild East, Franco Cleef etc. well-known projects as DVD releases here).

Ojo per ojo / Today It’s Me… Tomorrow You!
Dos granujas en el oeste / Buddy Goes West
Antes llega la muerte / Seven Guns From Texas
Porque seguir matando / Why Go On Killing?
Quien grita venganza / Dead Men Don’t Count!
Cazador de recompensas / Taste of Killing
Clint el solitario / Clint the Stranger
Dos cruces en Danger Pass / Two Crosses At Danger Pass
El hombre del sur / Fort Yuma Gold
El ritorno de Ringo / Return of Ringo
El sabor de la venganza / Gunfight at High Noon
El sabor del odio / Pistol for 100 Coffins (Lenzi)
Garringo / Garringo
El vengador del sur / Taste of Vengeance (Siciliano)
Gringo / Gunfight At Red Sands
Los professionales de la muerte / Red Blood, Yellow Gold (will be released in Germany with engl. dub)
Uno ad uno… sin piedad / One Against One… No Mercy
Uno despues del otro / One After Another
Un tren para Durango / A Train For Durango (will be released in Germany with engl. subs)
Viva para matare / A Long Ride From Hell
Winchester, uno entre mil / Killer Adios
Un lugar llamado Glory / A Place Called Glory
Sangre sobre Texas / 100.000 Dollars For Ringo
Apocalipsis Joe / A Man Called Apocalypse Joe
Le llamaban Trinidad / They Call Me Trinity
Le sequian llamado Trinidad / Trinity Is Still My Name
Mi nombre es Ninguno / My Name Is Nobody
Lo quiero muerto / I Want Him Dead
La muerte cumple condena / 100.000 Dollars For Lassiter
15 Horcas para un asesino / Fifteen Scaffolds For the Killer
Bufalo Bill, heroe del oeste / Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West
Siete winchester para un mataro / Payment in Blood
Bano de sangre al salir el sol / Blood at Sundown (Mille dollari sul nero)
Yo soy vuestro verdugo / I Am Sartana, I’ll Dig Your Grave
Baro en los ojos / W Django!
Las pistolas del norte de Texas / The Tramplers
Un dolar agujereado / One Silver Dollar

Already out:

El dia de la ira / Day of Anger
En gran silencio / The Great Silence
Llega Sartana!!.. / Light the Fuse… Sartana Is Coming
Los hijos del dia y de la noche / Sonny & Jed
Pistoleros de Arizona / 5000 Dollars On an Ace
Sugar Colt / Sugar Colt
La ballada de Johnny Ringo / Who Killed Johnny Ringo?

That’s a great list. Are we sure there are no english language options on these discs? Subtitles even? I looked on their site and it doesn’t seem to give any info on them other than personel etc. pretty good prices though.

I reckon some Franco Cleef versions of these films will suddenly turn up next year with english dub…I wonder where he will source his print(s) from…

Bano de sangre al salir el sol - Blood at Sundown/Mille Dollari sul nero
Vivo para matarte - A Long Ride From Hell/Viva per la Tua Morte
Barro en los Ojos - W Django

Hopefully some more people besides Franco Cleef will english dub or sub them else it’s going to take some time before we see them all. Doesn’t he only ‘release’ 2 or 3 titles a year or something?

Not to sure to be exact, but like you say it could be some time…

Can’t be 100% sure but it’s very, VERY likely that they are all going to be in spanish only, as only few spanish releases of old italian or spanish films have english options.

The good news is that at least Who Killed Johnny Ringo was of great quality, as good as the best MGM or KOCH Media releases. Anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen, very sharp picture and great colours. Most spanish DVDs are just letterbox and look like as if they were taken from good quality VHS, so it was a pleasant surprise.

I added the missing english aka names to the list so it should be 100% complete now. Thanks, Hombre!

Just to confirm what was suspected, these discs have no english language options unfortunately. Only Spanish, with occasional italian. I emailed impulso direct and received the following response.

Saludos desde Impulso Records

Los títulos que nos pregunta no tienen versiónes inglesas.
Lo sentimos. No hay opciones de idioma ni de subtítulos en inglés.

8436022968820 Los hijos del día y de la noche (SOLO EN VERSION Española)
8436022969520 Pistoleros de arizona (SOLO EN VERSION Española)
8436022969421 La balada de Johny Ringo (SOLO EN VERSION Española)
8436022968622 El día de la ira (Versión española e Italiana)
8436022969223 Llega Sartana (SOLO EN VERSION Española)

Quedamos a su disposición.
Gracias por contactarnos.
Impulso Records s.l

Good titles for those with decent spanish skills though



can somebody take care of those two “coming soon” pages? i’d really like to see more information on spanish dvds