Frenchies help me get a DVD

(Silver Wolf) #1

Ok, anyone here from France who could help me get Black Killer DVD by Neo Publishing? I tried to get one from Kult Video (Italy) but Mario had already sold his stock and wasn’t interested in getting more. I wouldn’t like to bother getting an account to some French DVD shop just for 1 DVD, especialy since I know nothing about French online shops, their shipping prices, payment methods etc. Will pay it back + extra, or trade to other spaghetti DVDs.

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It’s In stock at Amazon France for 11.99 Euros. Very simple to order if you have any other Amazon account. I’ve bought stuff from Am.Fr before.

(Silver Wolf) #3

Amazon requires credit card but I don’t have one.

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If you’re real set on getting it, i don’t mind getting it for you. I have an account there and my card details are stored so it’s a very simple procedure. PM me if you want :slight_smile: