French VHS wanted - Quatre Salopards Pour Garingo

I’m looking for the French version of Four Candles For Garringo, aka My Colt, Not Yours.

It seems the only English release is the Finnish one, which is poor quality. According to the info on a French forum, the French VHS is very good quality.

Would be nice if someone has it. This tape is also available for only 5 euros on a French auction site. So if no one has a copy already, I’m looking for either someone from France, or someone who speaks the lingo and could order it for me, to help me out.

I can reimburse your expenses, or we can do a trade. I have a large collection, including rarities. This will be my first French-dubbed western though ::slight_smile:

In any event, I will need a DVD-R of it too, because of the French Secam system.
But just the tape is also an option for now.

This particular vhs is very common. At least 10 people are selling it on priceminister, which perhaps is where you’ve seen it.
But as it is secam and in French, why would you want it?
I doubt it has better picture quality than the Finnish vhs, which is widescreen.

Snapshot from Finnish rip:
(so the actual vhs looks better)

Not my rip, thanks to the original ripper :wink:

It´s also released on swedish vhs on VTC label as “De hänsynslösa” (The Ruthless). In English and nice widescreen print as far as i can remember (as most everything on early VTC, great label!)
Not a very common tape, but it does turn up occasionaly, i can keep an eye out if you want? I´m not parting with mine…