Frank Braña (1934–2012)

The Asturian actor Francisco Braña Pérez has died today, 13 January, in Madrid, from a respiratory ailment.

If he only he had gotten inducted into the hall of fame this year :frowning:

Wow, that feels strange. RIP :’(.

a big R.I.P. :-[

RIP, always nice to see him in any film.

Yes RIP, a sad loss.

RIp to a legend in the genre

Gracias Braña


Frank Brana was one of the first Spanish character actors many of us learned to recognize. His gray hair and dark brushy eyebrows made him stand out among the other Spaniards. Apparently he first worked as a miner until becoming ill. He then found work on American films made in Spain as a stuntman. Brana then found more and more work and larger and larger roles as an actor. He appeared in over 60 Euro-westerns and over 175 films and TV appearances. During his last years he developed lung problems but still managed to make an appearance last year at the Almeria Western Film Festival where he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

His contribution to the genre was truly considerable.


Very very sad to hear this.

It seems that his lung problems went a long way. He had caught silicosis from working at the mines. I assume that’s why he was turned down as unfit for serving in the Civil Guard, despite his good physique.

His death has had a good coverage in the press in Spain. One obituary pointed out that, when making Mario Bianchi’s snake movie, Braña was so apprehensive at making scenes with snakes that he did the scene drunk!

Wow, didn’t know about this. One of my favorite support actors of any genre, not just westerns. I always enjoyed spotting him in movies, and I would’ve liked for him to get bigger roles in at least a couple of films.
This really sucks, but he was almost 80 so I guess it’s not so unexpected.

R.I.P. Frank.

I so agree Tom! Frank was really one of the actors I recognised very quickly. Sad to don’t have him anymore. May he rest in peace.