Franco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia

(tom) #1

Franco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia made alot of movies, I think about 100.
the movies look like the were filmed in a day and there is no story, you can say they are the benny hills of the spaghetti western garne.
Im not a big fan of them but because they made spaghetties I would like to see them. Untill now I could only find 1 english version, 2 sons of ringo.
If i look up the movies on the imdb, or in thomas weissers book the good the bad and the voilent there are also english titles mentioned. So I would think these Franco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia movies should also be released in english. Does anybody knows something about these movies???

(Silvanito) #2

Never heard of them I think.

(tom) #3

they made these slapstick spaghetties,
2 sons of ringo
2 sons of trinity
the beautifull, the stupid and the ugly
the 2 sergeant of general cluster
2 rrrrrrringo´s in texas
2 mafiosoos in the west

they allways make these spoof offs of well known titels

(carlos) #4

Some time ago I watched the one with English and George Hilton but had never fully watched another whole western with these guys. I decided to check out Ciccio perdona… io no! and it actually isn’t too bad. I got several chuckles from the sight gags. The cast and characters are mostly the same as we have on other databases and there are a few problems. Adriano Micantoni is not Angel Face but the gunslinger, and probably a bounty killer, Black Jack.

Faccia d’angelo (Angel Face) and Baleno (Lightning) are the two after El Diablo’s gold and are former members of his gang. I am not sure which is which but I think Bruno Ukmar is Lightning and Renato Baldini is Angel Face.

So Mario Maranzana is not Baleno but the saloon dwelling doctor. Here in I nipoti di Zorro

Leo Gavero should be the Colonel’s (Gianni Solaro) lieutenant. Here as the jeweler in Bluff.

Saverio Laganà may be the soldier seen here with Maurizio Mannoia and in Gente d’onore. @JonathanCorbett, do you think these are the same?

Also spotted in fake beards in the funeral parade are Antonio Danesi, Clemente Ukmar, and Bruno Arié.

(Bill san Antonio) #5

I think I’ve seen 7 Fraco & Ciccio films so far (I must be crazy) and probably only one in english. Terrible films for sure, Per un pugno nell’occhio -parody of Fistful of Dollars- is the best I’ve seen.

(Bill san Antonio) #6

I watched documentary “Come inguaiammo il cinema italiano” about Franco & Ciccio. It’s crazy that they made something like 14 movies a year, so quickly that often they didn’t have a script to work with. It’s too bad the films they made were so poor since their stage performances looked pretty funny. They propably did their best films (together) with Lucio Fulci but i haven’t seen any of those, only seen their westerns.
At least Ciccio had his moments later in serious films and made his best role in Fellini’s Amarcord.
I also got the impression that part of their verbal humor is not really translatable to other languages which doesn’t make that appealing outside Italy.
What was really surprising to me was the fact that they made a film with Buster Keaton. It’s probably a terrible film but still… Buster Keaton! :sunglasses: