Four Pistols for Trinity / Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity / I quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinità (Giorgio Cristallini, 1971)

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Though it has nothing to do with Trinity, it does have four gunmen and a very interesting albeit completicated plot full of suspense, action, tension, and double cross. It’s one of those outdoor westerns and is very interesting for it’s whole premise and setting. Though it lacks the wonderful atmosphere of SOTLPFTV (Shoot the Living…) Pregardio’s soundtrack is pretty good and PLL’s character is a little out of the norm. He’s apparently a newspaper reporter but carries around a sawn off winchester alah Woody Strode in OUATITW. It’s pretty hardtof find but I’d say it’s worth it.á%2C_I


Sounds like one to move up a little in my to watch pile.

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Seems interesting, will track it down.

(chuck connors brother) #4

Wasn’t sure about this one at first (as it starts out slow and takes a while to get going) but ended up liking it more than a few other Peter Lee Lawrence films, some nice gritty action and atmosphere.

I liked music score overall but the opening theme is an annoying jazzy type thing, I wasn’t too fond of it.


Was not to sure on the opening jazzy style music track as mentioned already in the thread. But when Peter Lee Lawrence starts to churn out a number on the guitar, it maybe is not as bad as I first thought. Most of the story is set in an Inn, which reminds me of Shoot The Living Prey For The Dead. Was a bit misleading on my custom dvd cover saying most of the action is set outdoors. The story is pretty involved I thought and did not get everything this viewing, but this is what will make me want to view the film again. Viewing the film reminds me of the things you do not see much in westerns or films in general at times. There is a dwarf in the film and at one point a child of around 12 is next to him who is considerably taller, just a weird scene really. One of those you have to see to understand what I mean really. Lawrence uses a rifle which has had the barrel cut down, which was pretty stylish. A suitable film for the star as a little different, and one I will take a look at again sometime.

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Well! What a goodie!! 8)
I’ve had this for a while and thought that I may have previously seen it… but must’ve been confused by its, all the right words (but not necessarily in the right order), generic title.
I think the real reason I hadn’t watched this though was because of being put off by its poorish quality soft vid-rip print (although I’ve seen worse).

I loved this movie from the start - from when the girl (Daniela Gordano) comes home to find her murdered family, chooses her hat - and takes off on an adventure - with a bunch of paperwork, that had been undiscovered by the baddies, stuffed up the chimney.

PLL and his friend wear the biggest coats it spaghettidom, and PLL plays a guitar and sings a song for a lost (but not for long though) love.

This had just about everything we’d want in a traditional spaghetti-sense including gun trafficking; dynamite; a potential goldmine; a beautiful femme fatale (in the form of Evelyn Stewart); … but also included were those quirks that can (if not too camped-up) make a good spag even better. Included in this offering was a magnificent huge fake cactus; a bit of snow; an innapropriate sixties-stylee euro pop song, which is sung in the bar of the hotel by the unfaithful waitress wife/mother wannabee to a doctor playing a pipe organ (with jazz-pop funky accompaniament)…
There’s more… a baddy suitably earringed-up and sporting an eyepatch who’s in the pay of a despicable French arch-villain; a beautiful bare-arse :o belonging to the mexi-maid (worthy of the ‘Nudity’ thread); a bit of girl-slap-girl action; a midget; and the wolf-loop.

This is a well shot and managed film, much of it shot within the aforementioned hotel and relying on the interaction and double-crossing of the various characters - a bit in the style of Shoot the Living or Quinto - Fighting Proud.
It’sgot a rather inplausable story - that leads PLL to meet again his old flame - but I went along for the ride, and was entertained by the fine performances and the double-dealing sub-texts - and although this (thankfully) is not played at all for laughs, it smeared a grin :slight_smile: across my face for much of it.
When Evelyn produced a threatening riding crop at one point I moistened slightly ::slight_smile: and dared to hope for more… at least an inclusion in the “Whip it…” thread… but alas both me and Frenchie were sadly let down on this.

PLL and the cast are damn good, but Evelyn (despite her lack of whip-action) is forgiven and puts in a great performance… my favourite since Garrone’s No Graves on Boot Hill.

A bit of a gem really. God, I’d like to watch a better version of this!
Does anybody know of a better version than my soft focus Spanish(?) subbed vid-rip?

I’ve given it an easy four stars despite it’s short comings. It’s a proper spaghetti - low budget; lots of cliches; some plotholes; but with that summat extra - for some reason I’m in mind of Duel in the Eclipse - not in story of course, but for having that spaghetti quirkiness ‘feel’.

4 stars - (who knows if Evelyn had used that whip in anger though!) :wink:

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Pretty sure there is a fandub on CG using the Italian DVD which should have much better picture than you soft focus VHS, Rev.
I’ll try and sort a copy out for ya.


Yes the fandub is alot better, even though I have not got round to viewing this one yet.

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Hmmmm… interesting! :wink:
Thanks Phil/Ennioo :slight_smile:

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Have been on the verge of watching this one for a while and for one reason or another not got to it but today managed to watch it from start to finish.
Has some pretty glaring faults but plenty to enjoy for all that and a damn good cast although they do seem to be making the script up as they go along. In fact, judging by PLL’s Gandalf coat they started off making The Lord of the Rings then changed their minds. :o


As the Rev mentioned above it has some very satisfying fake cacti and a fine wolf loop so you know what budget territory you’re in. So much so that they could only afford a mini me Lorenzo Robledo. Now that’s cheap!


(Reverend Danite) #11

A re-watch… hmmmm… and what a strange film it is. I had a better print this time, but it wasn’t as good as I remembered. And even thogh a lot of it is set indoors, it doesn’t really bear comparison with the taut and more minimally scripted STL…PFTD.
But I gotta say it is still well worth watching - even though I hadn’t been nibbling the same peyote as the writers this time around. I tend to agree with Phil H’s thread-comment about it seems to be “making the script up as they go along.” But that makes for some inspired pantomime.
The characters are proper bonkers… and it’s jam-packed full of ‘em. We have 3 honey blonde/redheads (including Miss Italia - Daniela Giordano - her of the fantastic Find a Place to Die song); some bad guys competeing in the who’s got the thinnest mustache competition, brilliantly bad acting from the patch-eyed fellah who hasn’t got used to it and can’t work out where he’s meant to be looking; a kid (who ain’t too annoying) and his dwarf-mate that is! And some great looking cactii that arn’t the usual Fid n’ co. trio. 8)
Inspirational nonsense, and highly recommended as such… but only 3 and a bit stars this time around.

(JonathanCorbett) #12

The scene around 53 Min with Antonella Murgia lying on the bed naked was originally longer and started before the image in the mirror: can someone make a comparison to verify if the VHS release was uncut?

Katia Cardinali (the blonde one) and Bernadette Frank are the two girls with Daniela Giordano at the beginning of the film.

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My copy is a VHS rip with English language but it doesn’t have Spanish subtitles. The total running time is 01:29:35. Does anybody else have the same copy? How does the Italian DVD look?