Four of the Apocalypse / I quattro dell’apocalisse (Lucio Fulci, 1975)

(Stanton) #121

Not a typical Spag. Different in style and story.

(Hilts) #122

Bit Duff really.

Just watched this for the second time cos I been reading good things about it in various places and thought i must have missed summat first time round.

Well, sorry but i think it is boring overall. Bit Duff Really as I said at the beginning. Slow drawn out and should not be talked about in the same breath as Keoma and Mannaja, which is usually is as they are twilight SW’s and seen as the last Hurrahs. Well this one wasn’t.

(Stanton) #123

I prefer it to the pedestrian Mannaja every day.

(Frank Castle) #124

No I really really think that FOUR has some great ideas so good that it saves the more shit parts of the movie, Mannaja is just one of the last great spags that is in the old style

(sartana1968) #125

mannaja it’s a milion times better than this bore

(Keep Your Head Down) #126

I agree…

(John Welles) #127

The Four of the Apocalypse (1975) is a really strange Spaghetti Western from Lucio Fulci, more known for his horrors than his Westerns, that is probably the last great (or near great) film the genre produced. Superior to those other two Twilight Spaghetti Westerns, Mannaja and Keoma, this film constantly defies expectations and takes odd, unusual turns that can’t be foreseen. The direction is excellent, as is the acting by the five principle characters, especially from Lynne Frederick ( a rare instance of a developed female character in a Spaghetti, although sadly she has to endure the seemingly requisite rape scene) and Thomas Milian, who plays one of the most evil, depraved villains I have ever seen, Spaghetti or not. The music score complete with sub-Simon and Garfunkle songs supplied by The Cook and Benjamin Franklin Group, actually works quite well, more so than in the other aforementioned Twilight Spaghetti Westerns. Action scenes are staged with gusto and the final confrontation is extraordinary, one of my favourite climaxes, but Fulci is not overtly concerned with shoot outs and duels. Instead, he loads the film with mythic and symbolic significance, not unlike in Keoma, and turns the film into almost a biblical fable, complete with extreme weather (pouring rain and freezing snow) and characters being destroyed by their own innate nature. It is certainly a movie to watch again and again.

(Mickey13) #128

Nice review, John.
This is one of well known spags I’ve still got to watch.

(John Welles) #129

[quote=“Mickey13, post:128, topic:507”]Nice review, John.
This is one of well known spags I’ve still got to watch.[/quote]
Thank you; it is well worth tracking down.

The version I saw was cut and in fullscreen; is there any uncut, widescreen releases available?

(Mickey13) #130

[quote=“John Welles, post:129, topic:507”]Thank you; it is well worth tracking down.

The version I saw was cut and in fullscreen; is there any uncut, widescreen releases available?[/quote]

Why don’t you purchase blue-underground’s dvd release?
It’s an uncut version and with decent amount of extras (as far as I know - I have not bought it yet - it has an interview with Tomas Milian - my favorite actor BTW - which is worth a look).
I’ve seen somewhere screens and the picture quality is very good.
If you like it, buy this dvd. Blue Underground has never disappointed me before.

(Mickey13) #131

And here is film and dvd review. The guy isn’t as enthusiastic about this one as you are, but at least there are screenshots and decent dvd review. :wink:

(John Welles) #132

Okay, thanks. :slight_smile:

(TucoBene) #133

Watched the (probably?) uncut-version from Laser Paradise yesterday. IMO a bloody mix of spag and road-movie, without the usual shoot-outs (apart from showdown between Stubby and Chaco). Interesting especially the development of the character traits of the four main protagonists – Stubby for example develops from an easygoing gambler into a responsible acting family man. I think the message between the lines is, that the portrayed chased outsiders (the prostitute, the gambler, the alcoholic, the lunatic) are more humane and decent than the “honorable” citizens of the village (who turn into blood thirsty kind of ku-klux-clansmen) and the hippie-outlaw Chaco, who turned out to be a demonic villain. As already said – somehow interesting and unconventional but nevertheless not really convincing in my eyes and far from being one of the last highlights of the genre. Not my taste! Fulci’s “Massacre Time” is far more better to me (haven’t seen “Silver Saddle” so far).

(sartana1968) #134

see SILVER SADLE far better than this!!

(scherpschutter) #135

Unconventional maybe, but ‘somehow interesting’? Not to me. Do as Sartana1968 says: watch Silver Saddle, it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s far better than this turkey

(Bill san Antonio) #136

oh, no, no. Where’s Korano these days?

(Stanton) #137

Nah, Silver Saddle is the turkey. 4otA is not a great film, but it is an interesting film with some good ideas. Fulci’s best western.
Not a typical SW anymore, but for that also much better than the tired California. This and Keoma are the last good Spagies.

(scherpschutter) #138

Silver Saddle is a mixture of good and bad things, Apocalypse (those abbreviations are really getting weird!) only convinces in the opening minutes.
Neither of the two are great, of course.

California has a good first half and a tired second.
Keoma is flawed, but indeed the best of these twilight spaghettis

(John Welles) #139

In place of korano, I will defend this film! It sure is not a great film, but it is interesting and at times very well executed. What do you find particularly “turkeyish” (surely a new word?) about this movie?

(scherpschutter) #140

What I said was of course a small provocation.
It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen it (and I’ve seen it only once), but I remember I only liked the opening, let’s say the first twenty minutes. Good Fulci atmosphere, almost horror. But then it all went down with schmaltzy scenes and a schmalzy score, plus a few sadistic scenes (if I’m not mistaken). It lacked everything I hope for in a spaghetti western, and didn’t replace it by things I care for.