Four of the Apocalypse / I quattro dell’apocalisse (Lucio Fulci, 1975)

probably the most violent sw along with cuthroats nine(rump roast anyone?).Again a late sw with music that seems out of place.The part with the" men only"settlement was too long,in fact this movie would have benefitted from a quicker pace imo.But these complaints aside a top 25 spag.

I really like this movie. It has a strange atmosphere and it’s more character-driven than most SWs. Tomas Milian plays a great role as a truly evil Chaco and Lynne Frederick is really beautiful as Bunny. Not a typical spag but surely a great one.

I like this film a lot but it could be much better. The actors are all very good and their characters are interesting (Milian is at his best as Chaco) but the script is just too weak and episodic. The music is typical for its time and sometimes it really fits to the film perfectly but at some points it’s really out of place, for example, the scene where Chaco is shooting birds.

Intersting film anyway, it’s strange how Fulci can shock us with very violent scenes and after that there can be a touching love scene.

Agree with you guys: A top 25 SW, nice movie but it could be even better !!!

Anyway, great actors and atmosphere !!!

Could be very better!!! I don’T know why it jumps to snow in a flash…

Yes, it always puzzles me this one, but at least the snow looks nice!

fuck yeah it was shot in Austria I think

I did not know that, interesting to know!

thanks for the info, i thought it was shot in Italy

I think they say that in the DVD… I don’T know why everybody seems to don’t lik ethe folk/prog soundtrack of later days SW, The Pink Floydy track running all along this one is simply fabulous like that Betrayal track in Mannaja and the complete Keoma music… Different and loud!

I know the de angelis songs for these are cheesy but i think the lyrics are great, especially Mannaja “you deserve a nasy ending… somethings gonna happen very soon… just wait and see!” Priceless :wink:

yeah, these loud vocals make me laugh but they are cool!

I just watched the interview on the Anchor Bay’s Four of the Apocalypse disc. Tomas Milian is always so funny on these interviews. But what really astounded me (as I haven’t watch the film for a long time) is how sinister looking Milian is as a Chaco. He must be the ultimate spaghetti western villain. Psychotic, sadistic, immoral, drug-addict and just so fuckin’ scary. But somehow there’s also something very charismatic about him.

by the way, I just remembered that I have the soundtrack of this film. I had already forgot that I own it because I never listen to it. well, I’m listening it now…cheesy stuff!

Interesting soundtrack choice. Enjoyable movie. Tomas Milian is great as always.

just got ordered this on cant wait to get it…probably is great because fulci made it.

Good film, not outstanding (i prefer Fulci’s Massacre Time) but Fulci directs well here, i think Fulci is great and not the hack people try to make him out to be.

Btw i met him in 1994 :slight_smile:

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:16, topic:507”]Good film, not outstanding (i prefer Fulci’s Massacre Time) but Fulci directs well here, i think Fulci is great and not the hack people try to make him out to be.

Btw i met him in 1994 :)[/quote]

damn you met him i wish i could but he is dead now.

Lol… watching the pics about Tomas, I’ll say Johnny Depp stole his look-out! ;D

This is f***in’ great! A very strange story. Not the typical “villain-killed-my-kin-and-I-want-revenge” SW. I liked its brutality, its sadness and the dark humor. The girl is beautiful, Testi is really symathetic, the drunken is funny (it’s a pity he died), and Tomas is a real sadistic beast.

Here’s a good-looking SW that is just not very engaging for me. I like Tomas, but he’s hardly in it. Lynne Fredrick is good but her character (like most women in Fulci movies) is in the film primarily to be raped and die. Michael J Pollard is good, too. It’s a strange film because every time I started to like it, there would be some cinematic gesture that just seemed completely out of place. For example, what’s with the ending with the dog?! The film builds to its sad, heart-breaking conclusion then we have that moment with the dog. Is it supposed to be funny? I don’t know. I found myself shaking my head in confusion. Was this dog in the film earlier and did I just miss him? An odd film - not bad but not great. Certainly memorable, though…