Four Bullets for Joe / Cuatro balazos (Agustín Navarro, 1964)

Watched this this afternoon and couldn’t find a thread for it so created one.

DB page: Cuatro balazos - The Spaghetti Western Database

Spanish western of the pre-Leone type. Direction and action sequences in particular are somewhat pedestrian and it suffers from a pretty poor musical score too which really doesn’t help it but some of the locations are beautiful and the whodunnit storyline makes a nice change so not all bad. Don’t let the black gloved mystery killer motif fool you though. this is really not gialloesque and it’s far too easy to pick the murderer pretty early on.

The TV rip I watched was quite nice quality actually and, although a bit stodgy in places it passed the time ok.


This one popped up on YouTube overnight, under its U.S. title of Four Bullets for Joe, having been posted by BangBang! so I decided to give it a watch this morning as it is so hard to find. I think @Phil_H pretty much has it pegged as the locations are definitely gorgeous and the mystery story line is pretty interesting though entirely predictable. Were it not for the movie having the feel of a Hollywood made matinee B-movie western from the 1940s or 1950s, I would be tempted to classify it a mystery instead of a western. This is not to insinuate that it is badly made (it has some truly wonderful camera work in it) but just that it had that feel.

All in all, I found it to be enjoyable.

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This movie’s page in the database has been updated to the new layout. I also added a few pictures. We still need a lot more stuff, like info, facts, trivia, reviews, etc, so help is appreciated.

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US Blu-ray “The Kansas City Avenger” (1964 Italian/Western/French) | Welcome to Alleluja’s Blog - Rakuten Blog (


One question:
Is the new US Blu Ray Region free?
Haven’t found any proof information…
Thank you.

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I just left home for a few days and will, hopefully, be back late next week. If someone doesn’t have an answer in the meantime, I will be happy to try to play to switch my region free player over to Region B to see if it will play if you like.

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