Forum Updates 📢

There is a global Google outage. As we rely on Google for some (not all) of the email-based communication of the forum, you might currently for example not be able to reply by email.

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New on the SWDb:

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Step by step guide on how to change the forum language:

  1. Go to your user avatar in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click the little preferences icon (all the way to the right)
  3. Click preferences
  4. On the left, click interface
  5. Select interface language
  6. Click Save
  7. Refresh browser or go to the main screen of the forum.

The forum’s software will shortly be upgraded (you might not notice it), and in the following article you will find some information about what’s going to be new and better:

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Forum topics on specific movies are now easier to spot as I gave that category a little icon :slight_smile:

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Shortly, this forum will also be upgraded to “Discourse 3.0”, which you can read about in more depth, here:

Now, while we’ll have access to all the functionality outline therein, I am not planning on going along with all of it. For example, we’ll keep the current layout of this forum, the sidebar (for now at least) just complicates the otherwise rather clean appearance of the discussions. I am going to test out the chat with a few people before we might activate this for all. But since there is only a small number of users online simultanously at any given time, this may not be a useful feature for the SWDb. The user tips are pretty neat, and so is the revamped notifications menu.

I activated the new user menu (top right corner of the forum underneath your avatar image). There you’ll find all notifications, grouped by type (likes, replies, messages, etc.).
Also check out how powerful search has become, which also has an advanced mode. Try finding users, topics in specific categories and so on.
We’re still checking out a sidebar mode and the chat option, so that’s not yet active…

Update: We have also activated an experimental “dark mode” which you can a) toggle on and off from the menu at the top right corner, and b) should activate automatically depending on the status of your browser or operating system.

Also new: bit by bit, @QuickDraw and I are going to bring movie polls back. These will be located (as they used to be, and in some cases still are) in the very first post of a movie topic.

You can always create your own polls from within any post, using the top right icon of the editing window that opens some additional options.

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Check the chat topic to vote on whether we should activate chat functionality: