Vote now ## Does the SWDb need a chat? 💬

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One of my other favorites sites I visit has an option to join an IRC (or internet relay chat). This allows users to join a certain channel & chat in real time. This varies from other chat options as…

a) We could all chat at once
b) It is linked to this site & would be good promotion for this site
c) it can be regulated by us (usually site staff members Deputy’s etc. have this power)

I know some of you had chatted by various means before but this will be different. No more hitting refresh to see what one’s response will be. I’d love to see this happens as there are many here who I would love to engage with live. You would also either need another program like mIRC or have a client like Mibbit that can be linked to the site directly. One of this sites graces is that we can interact on a social level that transcends movie. Please chime in & let me know your take. I’d love to see this happen & feel it would make this site even greater.

Interesting idea. If it can be done, I’d like to see it done!

Sounds like it could be fun.

So, the forum software we use now comes with a built in chat. It is not activated yet.
I am a bit hesitant to do so, because the amount of people online at the same time here on a daily basis is fairly low. However, I am wondering if chat may help change that a bit. So let me have some reactions.
The chat would allow: private chats, group chats, topic based chats, and all that integrated into the rest of this forum platform, that includes searchable archives, etc.

Do you want a chat?

  • Hell YES
  • NO way Jose

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I voted Hell Yes last night @Admin, very surprised how neck and neck the voting is, thought for sure more people would want to interact with each other via chat as we’ve gotten on so well so far through the Forum.


I’m Switzerland on this one. The forum convos seem to work but if there was a chat feature I am sure I would use it. Either way :person_shrugging:

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What can I say? It can be done, amigo! Hell Yes!


Not many votes yet, but I also thought it would create more excitement… Maybe we should just switch it on ;))

I don’t really have an opinion yet. Might just be fun little extra for the forum but in worst case could turn the forum into chat room which would put people off from writing to forum topics.


That was my thought exactly. There are some really thought provoking and well written posts on here. I would hate to see that end. I am surprised that more people aren’t voting though.


I was down the middle on this too, neither for nor against. I’m interested to see how it would work, but my concerns are in line with Bill and Lanky.

Chat contemt would be accessible just like topics so won’t be “lost”. We could try this out to see what it looks like.
My main hope with a chat would be, that this incentives some to stick around more, breath some additional life into the place.


Was going to vote “No” for reasons largely already illustrated by Bill, Lanky. Vaguely concerned that an IRC could become dominated by the more verbose which might discourage others from having their own voice. IMHO, forums represent a far more even playing field in that regard.

But, on reflection, I further wondered if it wasn’t just a little unfair of me to cater to that concern without that concern actually having become a real thing yet. If several of our members are keen to try it, and the function exists, who are we to give it the Caesarian “thumb down”? Posters will, I assume, either use both means of interactivity, or they’ll organically settle with one or the other, whichever suits them the best. Plus, I assume Seb can switch it back off if a) it becomes problematic or b) there’s a sustained lack of interest.

So I’ve gone with YES. Let’s get loud, you sexy buggers.


In layman’s terms: No, it’s doesn’t ‘need’ it, but let’s giver a go.

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No, No, No, Noooooooooo!!!

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Not a lot of votes so far… :wink: