Fort Bravo, Almeria - Filming "The Sisters Brothers"

Hi Just checking in in response to your “where are you” email chaser! Still around but don’t go in for much chitchat. I moved to Spain about 15 years ago and living just 2 hours away from Almeria I took a deep interest in Spaghetti Westerns and locations. Last month my partner and I holidayed in Mojacar for 4 days and took the opportunity to revisit Fort Bravo. A few areas were closed off including the Saloon as they were preparing to shoot a film. You can check out what little info there is on IMDB. It is set in 1850’s Oregon and stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix. The indoor shootout took place in a new (to us) barn like building alongside a swimming pool and rentable chalets. Of particular interest because it appears to be the storage place for several dozen olde worlde carriages. A stage coach parked in the street outside was fully dressed out with luggage bags on the top. The surface of the streets appeared to have been dressed with something to give a muddy appearance. The had also been dressed with boxes, bales etc., to give them a lived in look for imminent shooting. I took a few photos but there doesn’t appear to be an add photo option on this site. The film is not due for release until 2018 and may be off topic but if anyone gets any more info on production maybe it could be added here.

Cheers amigo :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping by again.

Yep, welcome back dude. I would love to see some photos. Just copy and paste or use the upload icon.

My mother, an actress and director, auditioned for a small role in this movie. She never got the role but it was just as well. We had fun rehearsing the scenes but the script was terrible.

Just watched it. Pretty solid western

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First watched The Sisters Brothers in January (objet trouvé en ligne). Went to see it at the cinema three days ago. On the big screen, it was, of course, even better.