Fort Apache (1948, John Ford)

For those interested in great American classics, I have written a review of this movie, one of my all-time favourite westerns, for Satty’s site:

Good review again Sherp. The german Version is cut without mostly of the funny scenes at the fort so you don’t see there much of the Ford Humour. In Iron Horse, Stagecoach and My Darling Clementine he built up the mythology of the west. Somehow in Fort Apache Ford started to examine his own created mythology. In “They died with their Boots on” (1941) Errol Flynn plays General Custer and he is much more heroic as Henry Fonda in Fort Apache.

I think this is one of Ford’s best Westerns, with Wayne more in a supporting role as Fonda takes centre stage and plays a real bastard. It’s a shame he didn’t do it more often, as he’s great as one!