Forest Showdowns In Westerns

Well, I’ve been thinking about location utilisation of forests in spaghies and what a great idea it was to do a prolonged showdown on such a atypical place in Today It’s Me Tomorow It’s You. I remember reading a review on Shobary’s site once, and he complained about it in that manner it is not very suitable location for a western. On the contrary. I’ve always wanted to see more shootouts or chases or whatever situated in woods. Well, this topic should serve as a jumping-off point to other westerns, not only spaghettis (but they are preferred), where we can see something like that. Deserts are strictly prohibited here, fellas. So, if you know about a cool forest incidents of various lenght, bring it on.

Don’t know why I’m doing this, but here it goes Tomas.

I can only think of two at the moment, both with Anthony Steffen.

SHANGO (1970)


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And in Unholy Four, might be the best scene of the movie.

Well, why not. Thanks, anyway, even with pics. :+1: Man who cried for revenge added to watchpile.

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