For a Fist in the Eye / Per un pugno nell’occhio (Michele Lupo, 1965)

(Phil H) #1'occhio

Howard Hughes has just contributed a review of this Franco and Ciccio comedy for the database so thought it timely to start a thread on the movie here.

Here’s a link to the review:’_Review:_For_a_Fist_in_the_Eye

(Bad Lieutenant) #2


There’s a tiny mistake in the first sentence. Del should be nel.

(scherpschutter) #3

Il Cattivo Tenente ha (quasi) ragione: del deve essere nell’ (con doppia l)

(John Welles) #4

It’s great that such a prominent figure in Spaghetti Western academia has contributed a review to the website.

(Bad Lieutenant) #5

Lol, scherpschutter

(Mickey13) #6

I agree. Let’s hope he’ll contribute more. 8)

Haven’t read it yet - it’s quite bulky I must say, but it’s comprehensible in the case of this lesser known spagh. Maybe tomorrow.

(Phil H) #7

Thanks, BL.
I have fixed it now.

(Bill san Antonio) #8

Probably funniest Franco & Ciccio film I’ve seen so far but that isn’t saying much though. It’s similar goofiness as their other films but partly it follows closely some scenes from Fistful of Dollars and these scenes are funny, especially the last shoot out scene. I watched italian version, I wish someone makes a english translation for this. If you haven’t seen any F & C film yet this might be the best choice to see first.

(JonathanCorbett) #9

Franco: “When a man with .45 meets a man with an empty rifle, the man with an empty rifle’s a dead man”.