For a Few Dollars More / Per qualche dollaro in più (Sergio Leone, 1965)

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For A Few Dollars More

I love everything about this movie, to the music to the action, everything is just right. Probably my favorite scene has to be the hat scene, Its so classic.

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No doubt, one of the top 3 SW !!! When I first watched that great movie (long time ago), I instantly fell in love with it !!! It has everything from great acting to extraordinary sountrack !!!

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(Lode) #3

The same as Once upon a time in the West. No need for a rating. It’s just classic and great.

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My son and I are watching it right now on the Action channel and for my money its the best of the “man with no name triology” with TGTBTU right behind it.

Van James

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I rewatch it now and a I got a question,something puzzle me.In the middle of the movie when Clint Eastwood arrive in the Mexican band after he set free another bandido,then Gian Maria Volonté explain his plan and Eastwood said he prefere going to sleep before a gunfight.At this time the music stop suddenly and for few seconds a black screen appear and the movie restart when Eastwood is with three members of the gang.The version i saw is the french realese of the movie,so my question is there a cut? and is there other versions of FFDM like GBU many versions?

(valenciano) #7

just popped my german special edition into my player. it is the same thing, before you mentiones it it didnt occur to me that the music stopped. but now it very obvious. But the scene had a clear end with eastwood going to sleep. but the music ends in deed quite harshly. again we have to wait fo sergio to come back to the forum and answer this question, i guess.

(Stanton) #8

One of the best Spaghettis with many, many brilliant scenes and sequenzes. Despite some minor flaws quintessential for the genre and then exceled by Leones next 2 movies.
One of the films I’ll watch again and again.

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[quote=“Lode, post:3, topic:327”]The same as Once upon a time in the West. No need for a rating. It’s just classic and great.[/quote] ;D

(Lanky gunman) #10

Yep thank for the answer.
In his book “Once upon a time in the Italian West” Hugues said the international version (for US) was cut.Sure we need infos from italian sourcesfor confirmation!

(New Brandon) #11

I love this movie a lot… I only gave it 4 stars because I feel it’s important that the top 2 be left in their own league.

This one is pure spaghetti western. I consider it one of my favourite movies overall. Glad it eventually wound up on the IMDb Top 250 because it deserves recognition. Usually movies fall on the Top 250, but Leone movies seem to climb.

(seanmallory) #12

Wonderful, very, very Leone-ish. :wink: My favourite charakter was Indio. Por fellow. He isn’t just a bad guy, he is sooo mad and sooo sexy. (User is a WOMAN, of course.)

Clint is good as always and Lee van Cleef with his fox-like face… excellent.

(The Gun) #13

It has my favorite two actors in lead roles, it can’t get any better than that :wink:

I love the little showdown between Monco and Mortimer, great stuff.

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Were you waddys ever young?  Or is my question indiscreet? ;)

(Phil H) #15

Rewatched this classic again last night and it’s impact remains as massive as ever.

I was reminded instantly why I got into Spaghetti westerns in the first place and why, no matter how much I like films by other directors in the genre, Leone stands alone. My 5 star ratings are for him alone. He is the master without doubt.

His framing and acute sense of visual composition just hits you in the face over and over again leaving lasting images from scenes that other directors would have tossed away as unimportant. And of course his use of Morricone’s genius score is perfect.

GBU and OUTITW are usually held up as Leone’s pinnacle but man this film is still a masterpiece. 30 years after I first saw it and I’m still knocked out. Incredible! I need a lie down and a cup of tea.

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haha have a whiskey, dude… tea… get outa town

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Don’t forget I’m an englishman Seb. Tea is our universal restorative.

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a nice cup of cha!

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At the end of the film The Man with No Name asks, “What about our partnership?” Mortimer says “Maybe another time”.

Too bad Clint and Lee never made another film together. They could have been as great as Newman and Redford in my opinion.

FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE is the best of the three $ films in my opinion. I has the perfect balance of all the components that make up a Spaghetti western. :smiley: