For A Few Dollars More outdoor screening in London this week

Apologies if this has already been mentioned…

This Thursday (17th september) there is going to be a free screening of FAFDM at the scoop, which is an outdoor ampitheatre on the south bank of the thames in london (Between london bridge and tower bridge). i’ve seen films there before and it’s been pretty good, though they tend to start when it’s still light so it’s hard to see at first. it normally gets pretty busy and they stop letting people in but i’m not sure how popular this screening will be compared to the others on this week (Mamma Mia etc)

here’s more info:

unfortunately i can’t go as it’s me and the missus’s anniversary…

if you go then have fun and i hope the weather isnt too bad!

Thanks for the heads-up, I still haven’t seen a spaghetti western on a big screen. I’m gonna try to catch this - if the weather doesn’t suck!!

Did you go to this in the end? If so, how was it?