For a Book of Dollars / Più forte sorelle (Renzo Girolami, 1973)ù_forte_sorelle

Couldn’t find a thread for this so I made one. It was Lincoln Tate’s final spaghetti western (or Italian movie, or lead role for that matter). I was pretty dubious before watching it because I didn’t know if it was a comedy or not. The first 20 minutes are really promising with Tate getting into three gun battles, including a decent shootout at a farm. The rest of the film is terrible, bottom of the barrel Trinity rip-off with Tate infiltrating that bad guy’s gang and getting found out and tied up only to subsequently escape for the finale. A finale which is a 15 minute long fart and poop joke as Tate puts laxatives in the gang’s beer keg and there is only one toilet. Tate blows a couple of guys up with dynamite, but its mostly slapstick fistfights and farts. One of the worst westerns I’ve seen, avoid if possible.

The only three “good” things about this film:

  • it is Tate’s most lethal western (haven’t seen On The Third Day…), he never seemed to kill anyone in his other films and it was fun to see him in those early gunfights
  • it gave me a new appreciation for Acquasanta Joe, which no longer seems so bad
  • I now appreciate the, er, restraint shown by Mario Bava in the poop jokes in Roy Colt & Winchester Jack

Watched the French disc of this, acceptable transfer, but annoyingly its in 4:3 even though the print is widescreen. Hate it when that happens.

The whole laxatives scene was probably taken from They Call Me Hallelujah. But that had a more violent finale.

This one just has farting henchmen fighting over a toilet.

That’s what I wrote about it 5 years ago when I saw it:

-wow, what a piece of crap, Definitely one of the worst sw’s I’ve seen. Strangely my dvd-r was a tv-rip from some tv-show where two guys interrupt the film for every 5 minutes to comment how bad it is. Villain of the film is memorable though, he looks like Frank Zappa, laughs constantly like the Devil from The Mascot ( and enjoys watching people get slinged to the air with catapult.

Yeah, the catapult guy looks like the love child of Frank Zappa and Ugo Fangareggi.

Was your TV copy English friendly?

Yep, I think someone made fan dubbed version using the french dvd.