Florestano Vancini has died


I just read on an Italian site that Florestano Vancini has died at the age of 82

He was a director of the old school who only made one spaghetti western, but it was a good one:
I Lunghi Giorni della Vendetta

I wrote a review of it only a week ago and have been searching the web for info about the man
It was hard to find, he had been forgotten almost completely, except for this spaghetti western - a film he wasn’t very fond of
In fact, he signed it as “Stan vance” and asked his producers not to reveal his true identity
Still it was a good spaghetti western …

Stan, Florestano: RIP


Freaky. The X Rated edition of his film just arrived from HKFlix this morning. I will be watching it in his honour.


Did he leave the film industry?