Florestano Vancini dead at 82

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Italian director Florestano Vancini died on Thursday September 18th in Rome at 82. Under the pseudonym Stan Vance he directed 1967’s “Long Days of Vengeance” with Giuliano Gemma. I’ve put an obit in Cemetery Without Crosses.

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R.I.P. Florestano

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(See notice in Town Hall, yesterday):

I just read on an Italian site that Florestano Vancini has died at the age of 82

He was a director of the old school who only made one spaghetti western, but it was a good one:
I Lunghi Giorni della Vendetta

I wrote a review of it only a week ago and have been searching the web for info about the man
It was hard to find, he had been forgotten almost completely, except for this spaghetti western - a film he wasn’t very fond of
In fact, he signed it as “Stan vance” and asked his producers not to reveal his true identity
Still it was a good spaghetti western …

Stan, Florestano: RIP