Flaming Frontier / Old Surehand 1. Teil (Alfred Vohrer, 1965)


Old Surehand ( Stewart Granger ) is on the search for the man who killed his brother. Along the way he saves the day on a few occasions. Helps Terence Hill and his girl escape from the Indians. But the big one is to help sort out a brewing war between the Indians and white folk, after the Indian chiefs son is killed by an unknown white man.

Always something going on in the story in this, which keeps you interested. Was not found of Granger in Rampage At Apache Wells as thought he was a little full of himself, but liked his balance of not to serious and serious in this one. Winnetou does not have much screen time and pops for the first time nearly half way into the film. You can usually tell when he is going to pop up alot of the time as the sweeping style music comes into play. The opening train robbery and some of the early scenes in the town made me think of the Spaghetti west, and we even have a silly bar room brawl.

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Revisited and revised my review of this movie, and found some nice info on Terence Hill’s girlfriend (in the movie) :