Fistful of dollars restoration in 4k: bluray coming?

Does Anybody here have any information About a pending release of the 4k restoration of FOD on blu anytime soon?

I was only aware of a 4K restoration of GBU. I’m not sure if they are doing a 4K of the other two.

I have the new GBU blu ray. If I watch it on a 4k tv will it be in 4k?

So all of my blu rays must be 4k…but no…i dont think…

the movie itself must be 4k

No. It’s not an Ultra-HD 4k blu-ray disc (do they even make those yet? I dunno). It’s still a standard blu-ray disc with “just” a Full-HD 1080p resolution. It’s just that the original negatives of the film were digitally scanned at 4k instead of the more usual 2k, so more original detail has been picked up in the scan.

Yeah its a very misleading concept from a marketing standpoint. They scanned it in 4K but they have to compress it back into a 2K so its really still a 2K disc.