First movie you taped/pre-record you bought/DVD you owned

(Starblack) #1

Having just gotten George Romero’s The Crazies on DVD, I realised this was the first film I ever bought as a VHS pre-record. I think I meant to get Deep Red, but that was out of stock.

So while I’m getting all misty-eyed with nostalgia (and because, being exceptionally sad, I can remember these things), I’m curious what other people’s first film purchases were, on VHS and/or DVD? And while we’re at it, what was the first film you taped off TV to keep?

Mine: TV - Hang 'Em High (still have the tape around 25 years later!); DVD - The Wild Bunch


First movie I taped from T.V was Mutiny at Fort Sharp. It was shown in the early hours on I.T.V, which is a T.V channel here in the U.K. I think it was the late 80’s / early 90’s. A few lower key Spaghetti westerns used to be shown on this channel in those days.

First VHS I purchased was a U.K pre-cert tape to Straw Dogs.

First DVD I purchased was Massacre Time.

(scherpschutter) #3

First movie I taped was The Long Riders

Must have been april or may 1986: I bought a VHS videorecorder on a saturday afternoon and at night the film was shown on Belgian television. I was so fond of my new aquisition that I taped the movie, watched another program and subsequently watched the recording. I must have watched five or six films that weekend. My step father brought me a tape of a Louis de Funès movie, I rented a few films and recorded a second movie on sunday night (Excalibur) I still have the Long Riders recording.

(Starblack) #4

They showed Mutiny at Fort Sharp on ITV? How the heck did I miss that? (I’m in the UK too). Maybe it was before I had the knowledge of SWs that I have now.

I still have ITV recordings of a few SWs, including the first Sartana - still the only version I possess - and a couple of Fidanis.

I remember watching Five Man Army one early evening on BBC1 many, many years ago - probably before we had a VCR.

(John Welles) #5

The first movie I bought on DVD was Akira Kurosawa’s “Kagemusha” (1980).

(scherpschutter) #6

I don’t think I ever bought a movie on VHS until very recently, when shops started to sell them for almost no money because of the introduction of DVD

VHS seemed almost exclusively a rental product, not a selling product.
I never saw much in VHS, again until recently: twenty year old recordings still funtion rather well, while recordings made with a DVD recorder often show all kinds of problems after a few years. Of course you can always try the trick with the fridge, but that’s a bit radical, and I don’t think fridges were invented for this.

(John Welles) #7

Of course, you can never be too certain… :wink:

I’ve picked up most of my VHS’s in charity shops at a pound each normally.

(chuck connors brother) #8

Taped - Batman Returns or Home Alone

VHS - Rented Beethoven a few time when i was younger, my older brother let me rent House

DVD - For a Few Dollars More


VHS just takes up so much space when you start to get a few of them.

(scherpschutter) #10

Yeah, no room left on my attic …

(Paco Roman) #11

Difficult thread for my memory :slight_smile:

First Movie I recorded on VHS probably Twin Dragons or a James Bond Movie.
The first VHS I rented were Commando or For a few Dollars more. I never bought a Movie on VHS .

The first DVD’s I bought must have been Ed Wood, Assault on Predict 13 (or the Fog) and Django (or the Great Silence). :slight_smile:

(davidf) #12

can’t remember, i can remember the first dvd i ever bought though " Pirates of the caraibbean"

(korano) #13

First DVD for me was Bad News Bears.

(John Welles) #14

Yes they do. I’ve got a whole cupboard full of them (I’ve collected over 200 VHS’s) and DVDs are half the size of them, so ideally, I’ld like to replace all my videos with DVDs.

(Silver) #15

Jeez, i’m surprised so many people recall these things. I’ve been trying but still have no clue! The only “first” thing i can remember is the first single i ever bought for myself…

(korano) #16

Maybe your first video DVD/VHS purchase was a wrestling tape? :wink:

(Silver) #17

You know…i do remember getting Wrestlemania 1 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think it was the first though ???