First memories of SWDB

I remember, that, way back in 2008 - when I was with my wife (until very recently) - I put one of my very first posts on here. It was to do with a ‘Spaghetti Western Menu’, that I had devised.

Basically, each course has a Spag. star’s name… such as the Giuliano Gemma ‘Ringo Special’…

I devised a starter, and a main course…and each dish was also accompanied by a quote from the appropriate film.
I gave a copy of this ‘Spag. West.’ menu, to Richard, from ‘Tuco Tours’, when I last saw him, in 2009.
I remember e-mailing the late, and very beautiful, Vivienne Chandler (the ‘girl’ from ‘Duck You Sucker’), and asked her what her favourite meal was…she said that it was vegetable curry…so I included the 'Vivienne Chandler ‘Dream Girl’ special, on my menu.

A copy of this ‘menu’ is now packed in a box of ‘Almeria Artifacts’…probably never to see the light of day, again…

I came here late… 2009?.. being an old American-western fan of obscure westerns… after reading an interview with Quentin Tarantino that he liked visiting SWDB, as one of his favorite places on the internet. So I joined and I loved it.


I believe my first foray came after looking up Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter and seeing it influenced by these films called Spaghetti Westerns.

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