Finding spagetti westerns

Hi guys, been out of the loop with SWs and films in general for a couple of years, but now I want to finish my watchlist and revisit a few I’ve already seen. Before I used cinemageddon for most of my SW needs, but my account has since been deleted (assuming for inactivity). I’ve managed to find a few on Youtube, can anyone name some other sites with a decent library of SWs?


Well many are already out on blu-ray and/or dvd so that will probably be the legal way to get a lot of them.

Exactly this, the availbility of good clean releases on Blu Ray or DVD is pretty large now. I’d seriously recommend just purchasing them right now. If you don’t have one already nab an Ebay account as there’a good selection of Spag films at considerably lower prices than on Amazon.

And if you have an Amazon Prime account there is a ton on there for free