Find a Place to Die / Joe … cercati un posto per morire! (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1968)


How is this movie?

Average…story isn’t bad and it moves at a good pacebut it could have been better if it had had a better lead actor( william berger,or donal o’brien would have fit nicely)and the woman wasnt very attractive in my opion.But its worth at least one viewing.

It’s not too bad. I’d put it in with the B listers.

I’m Jonah’s opinion : The movie is slightly above average; alright story; good pace etc.

I have this film in my collection, but I haven’t seen it for some time, think I’ll do it again.

A very melancholic title.

I’d say this is little below average film but it’s long time since I watched this.

It starts promising especially the saloon scene is brilliant where girl is singing the song “Find a place to die” but the rest isn’t that special.

I watched this last week, not bad. A little more characterisation was needed to flesh out some of the supporting roles and their motivations or maybe the English dub version is cut? The VCI disk is of average picture quality, but at least it s in widescreen!

Picked this up cheap recently from Deep Discount. It was alright but by no means a classic. Jeff Hunter carries the lead OK but doesn’t set the screen alight. Strangely this film has a sort of happy romantic ending which you don’t see often in Spaghetti westerns. Just about 3 stars.

This is Carnimeo’s 2nd SW and his only one without Garko or Hilton in the lead. Also no involvement of his favourite Screenplay writer Tito Carpi, so it’s no wonder that it bears no similarities to his other 11.

Some nice moments amongst many ordinary ones, some erotic touches (also unusual for Carnimeo), cheaply shot in Italy.
For genre Fans only.

@ PhilH, Stanton, Bill San Antonio :

This film is an (unofficial) remake of a 1954 Henry Hathaway western, Garden of Evil, with Gary Cooper, Suasan Hayward and Ridchard Widmark, so it’s no wonder that it a) has an unusual - for a SWs - happy ending and b) is completely different from Carnimeo’s other movies.

I’ve seen the Hathaway film last year when visiting a Scottish collegue, who loves westerns as much as I do (the DVD is in the series Optimum Classic Westerns);
Despite its great cast, it’s a mediocre western, just like this italian ‘remake’ (the indians of the original are obviously substituted by Mexicans).

I agree with most people here that it’s an average SW, worth a look, but nothing special.
And I agree with Bill San Antonio about that saloon scene : it’s brooding, sexy, wonderful … the film is worth seeing for this scene alone.

@ Stanton alone now:
By any chanche, have you any idea where in Italy it was shot exactly?
I had the idea that a lot of scenes were shot south-west of Rome, in the direction of Ostia, but I’m not sure.

Sorry, no idea.

Carnimeo has shot all his SWs in Italy, exept for one sequence in Light the Fuse, … Sartana Is Coming.

According to my Dizionario by Marco Giusti this film was shot entirely in Italy, with externals shot in Manziana which I believe is northwest of Rome.


A memorable, atmospheric, brooding tightly plotted SW tale finds a rugged (always super)
Jeff Hunter coming to the aid of a woman against savage bandits who want to steal/rape.

Good supporting roles for Iranian bearded actor Reza Fazeli and the voluptuous beauty
Daniela Giordano.

The film deserves a 4 Star easily and it should be viewed as a tribute to a leading actor
who was Jesus Christ, was a Western Hero and a SCI/Thriller Icon JEFFREY HUNTER Rip.

The scenes between Jeff Hunter and Pascale Petit his leading lady are touching/moving.

Accomplished Giuliano Carmineo SW with a happy deserved ending. :o :smiley:

My Vote for JOE Find A Place To Die 1969 is 16 out of 20 :smiley:

I think the worst aspect of the film is that it was directed by Carnimeo.

It doesn’t feel like he directed it at all.
There is none of his trademark style.
Yes, his first western (The Moment to Kill) isn’t a classic but it showed off his unique style.
I find it strange that he would play it safe for his second outing (this movie).

Mediocre movie.

What’s the best copy to buy of this? I’ve seen it from VCI Entertainment and from Alpha Video.

I know only the VCI disc
I called it a poor release in my review; there’s a lot of grain and it’s rather dark
Sundances has some screenshots:

I’ve got the VCI one - not a particularly good print, agreed. But I rate this film 4 (and a bit) stars. Maybe i’m just a sucker for the hero who’s looking at the world thru the bottom of a glass, but I think Jeffrey Hunter is magnificent in this - sweaty, nasty, bitter and a twinkle in his eye as well. I’m sure i wrote summat to that effect somewhere … but I can’t find it at the mo. It’s a winner in my book and crying out for a decent release.

There appears to be 2 separate threads … cos this is what I wrote on t’other …

“Watched this last night, for the second time of viewing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Every li’l bit of it!
I have been criticized previously for being mean to dear ol’ Jeff (but I don’t really want to bring up the ghost of Christmas past) but I thought he was brilliant in this. After me giving In a Colt’s Shadow a slating for being too wordy, this was a breath of fresh spaghetti air. Well for me anyway - Jeff and the boys looked as sweaty a bunch of bastards (their words) as I’ve seen. This is a grimy and nasty film with a lot of implied rather than explicit violence. We don’t see Chato or the Reverend (oh my ) do any of the torturing - just see the results or hear the cries.
Instead of all the talk - Jeff looks sideways or has a wry grin to convey his thoughts at times, and when he does explain stuff it has a world-weariness that suits him well. Indeed scherp, him tunelessly groaning along to the song (and sweating into his whisky) was well done - it’s a great song. There’s also (God forbid) a bit of tantilisingly mild nudity in this from both of the lead ladies. I liked the shootout as well scherp and wasn’t bothered by the plot holes - gotta say it again - I loved it!
So another one for my top 25 (which actually holds about 50 at the moment) .
On a trivial note -I did see Jeff as similar in style, and sounding like James Garner in this … which means I need to see Sledge yet again.
And I reckon there’s one for the lookalikee thread … for Nello Pazzafini - see what you think on the appropriate thread?”

Agreed…this one earned a solid 3 stars for me. I thought it really picked up once they formed the gang. I liked the preacher’s character, it had a lot of potential. A womanizing, torturing preacher, very interesting!

A bit of sex appeal too which didn’t go unnoticed by this gringo…nice bathing scene.

This one fit the bill tonight for sure.

A nice little movie, above average for sure. I give this 3 stars.