FINALLY! I own a 4k bluray player

So I finally made the leap to region free and 4K last week and I am curious as to what to buy. I live in the States so I grew tired of waiting for the occasional euro western to be quietly released. With that said I am very excited to break free of the restraints of region coding and REALLY start collecting spaghetti westerns but I don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions on releases to look out for?

P.S. I preordered the upcoming “Run Man Run” bluray by Masters of Cinema (UK) as well as a German release of “Cjamango”. I’ve been eyeing the UK release of “The Big Gundown” but I already own the Grindhouse Releasing version (even though the 80 page booklet sounds awfully appealing) any thoughts as to if I should add that to my collection.


I am not a big 4K buff, but here are suggestions

  • the new THE DRIVER disc by Walter Hill
  • Blade Runner final cut
  • Apocalypse now (there should be a 4K edition with all three cuts)
  • the Dollars Trilogy is on 4K by Kino Lorber (links see database)
  • there are a few Argento movies out now on 4K, you can check the Grindhouse Cinema Database; (e.g. )
  • Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are now out on 4K
  • at least in Germany and France you can get the Criterion restorations of Wong Kar Wai’s movies on 4K, and they look stunning (I have / have seen a few)
  • personally I also own a Big Lebowski 4K :)) the dude abides
  • Goodfellas
  • Unforgiven
  • Alien

@Admin : i assume you mean The Driver by Walter Hill ?

duh, of course. sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as spaghetti westerns go, the Eureka releases of The Grand Silence and the Sabata trilogy are certainly worth having in the collection.

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they’re both not 4K UltraHD BluRays, though. So that’s “off topic” :wink:

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Actually, he also said “region free” and that he ordered the blu-ray of Run Man Run which isn’t 4K nor is The Big Gundown and I doubt that the German release of Cjamango is either though I can’t say for sure. So, judging from this, I decided to make the small leap that the “region free” statement might be “on topic” as well when it came to spaghettis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus, he said this:

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Oh yeah true I take it back, I must’ve skimmed to quickly and interpreted his post as a call for 4K recommendations :slight_smile:


I appreciate all the suggestions and I should have worded it better. I was more interested in finding out which foreign releases are superior to their American counterparts or any must haves that aren’t released in the States. Again, thanks so much for the information!


Congrats on making the leap to Region Free viewing Amigo, you’re in for some real treats on what you can get. :smiley: I was so happy when I made the decision to invest in an All Region Player as it opened up so many doors.

As to good overseas releases, Ulrich Bruckner’s Explosive Media has been doing some really good jobs on the SWs as of late with their Mediabook releases, and standard amaray case releases of Minnesota Clay and Massacre Time. I also recommend Eureka!'s edition of Corbucci’s The Specialists, as it blows the Kino release out of the water 100 times over. Definetly go with the German or UK release of Kill Them All and Come Back Alone, again either of them outshine Kino’s release by miles.

Anything released by Koch Media/Plaion Pictures is worth seeking out as well.