Films in the mold of Magnificent Seven?

Hi new to the forum here. I was wondering if you guys could help develop a list of films at least partly inspired by Magnificent Seven. These would be films in which a serious task brings together a diverse group of experts.

Five Man Army
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
Spirito santo e le 5 magnifiche canaglie

What else guys?

I feel like there was another thread, titled something like “Men on a Mission Spaghetti Westerns” or something, that can probably give you some more ideas.

Massacre at Fort Holman/A reason to Live… a Reason to Die seems the most obvious contender.,_Una

… and a perfect reason to avoid such films.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:3, topic:3479”]Massacre at Fort Holman/A reason to Live… a Reason to Die seems the most obvious contender.,_Una[/quote]

Two things are in order here: first, welcome back Rev (of course!) and, second, I would defend A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die, despite its toxic reputation, it’s surprisingly decent for a '70s Spaghetti Western, tiresome comedy is kept to a minimum and even if there isn’t much beyond its linear plot, what it does it does not too badly.

For me it is badly done, often very badly. Even for the low directing standards of Valerii it is a catastrophe. Actually it looks like there wasn’t any directing at all. And the actors play adequate.

First half is okay, second half … well, is not

I always appreciate Stanton’s brutal honesty, especially when I agree with him :slight_smile:

Most of these films are closer to Dirty Dozen than to Magnificent 7 because 7 (Magnificent or Samurai) are hired to defend, while 12 are hired to attack (on enemy’s ground), and that is the premise that these movies follow.

That’s right, The Dirty Dozen is the real influence.

The better Mag 7 film is The Professionals (Richard Brooks, 1966). In any respect (apart from bald heads maybe)

True, The Professionals is indeed a better movie than The Magnificent Seven, but Mag 7 has the cooler heroes. In that aspect it was immensely influential.

Mag 7 is a bit bald, The Professionals is bold.

The Magnificent Seven is a bit overlong for me for what it is, and that theme tune has always annoyed me for some reason.

Great theme tune, unfortunately massively overexposed; obviously as a result of how great it is. It’s a shame, because it just sounds kind-of hackneyed and cliched now through no fault of its own.

Massacre At Fort Holman: below-average.
Vera Cruz: above-average.

The Magnificent 7 was inspired by The 7 Samurai, so I’m not sure what the OP is alluding-to for a list… saving villagers, or gathering mercenaries for a mission.

Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die has this gathering of group for mission aspect.