Films in Madrid

(fred) #1

Hi, I live a few minutes from Colmenar Viejo, which is near Madrid where I just heard they made a number of SW films. I would like to see some the sets, locations of where the films were made. Can anyone guide me?


(Phil H) #2

Garringo’s site is pretty good for that sort of info.
Have a look here and see if it helps:

(Tigrero) #3

Hola Fred,


Why don’t you get along to Almeria in about 10 days…see the Rolling Roadshow Almeria thread.

Hasta la pasta…

(Reverend Danite) #4

… and we’ll all pop round your place afterwards to watch The Sherrif and the Blond, eat some caracoles and drink the contents of your local vinery! ;D :wink: