Film title help?

I’ve been trying to remember now for ages, a SW I saw years ago. It featured a guy who had a kinda cup thing on one of his shoes, and he walked round clicking these steel balls together, and would drop one into the cup and ‘kick’ it and hit people. Anybody help with the title?

Adios Sabata aka. Indio Black, sai che ti dico: Sei un gran figlio di……

Thanks a lot, could have saved myself months of searching if I’d found this earlier ::slight_smile:

I think this is probably third or fourth time now as someone has been asking the name for this movie. Always about the guy with cup on his shoe… ???

Yes the movie must have made something of an impact on people. But yes, a bit strange.

I remember years ago when I first saw the movie and up to that point I had only seen American westerns, I was fascinated with the shoe thing.