,, or hate?

We all like to think that we know what our favourite SW’s are…but our opinions are like the weather…
ever changeable

Definition of ‘fickle’… Changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties or affections

In other words, for the ‘normal’ person, this is known as changing your mind.

I thought it might be a good idea to find out how ‘fickling’ we all are, when it comes to hating SW’s that we once loved…only to find that we then love the SW’s that we once hated.

Do you now love SW’s that you once hated/loved?

How has your opinion changed regarding a particular SW?

I definitely go back to ones that I remember loving and being really underwhelmed on a rewatch years later. I’m not sure off the top of my head which ones though. I’ll have to think about.

I’ve recently changed my mind about the Garko Sartana films, which I wouldn’t say I hated but I didn’t really like them much. On recent rewatch I really appreciated lots of elements which I somehow ignored before. Partly because of how excellent the new transfers from Arrow look, making the films really come alive. There are quite a lot of visually excellent shots in these films. While I’m still not crazy about the general plot elements, I enjoyed watching very much whereas before it was a bore.


Couldn’t agree more. Was never a fan of the ‘Sartana’ films, because I only had crappy dvd copies.
I love them on BD.
I stayed away from the ‘Wild-East’ ‘Sartana, Pray For Your Death’, for many years, but have seen it now, in the ‘Sartana’ BD boxset, and love it.
Picture quality is everything.

Watched ‘Shalako’ at the cinema…perhaps the late 60’s…loved it then…love it now…time has not made me fickle.

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’Django Kill’ aka 'If You Live, Shoot’

Used to hate it … mainly because of the uniformed cowboys of Mr. Sorrow/Zorro, which just threw it out of all acceptability for me. Perhaps now I’ve mellowed a bit, because I think it’s a good story, very unusual and compelling - It’s unlike any other movie in the genre.


I’ve always loved Django Kill while acknowledging its off-putting characteristics. I’ve worked night shift schedules at most of my adult life jobs, and Django Kill used to be one I’d put on at 7am after getting home from working all night, and enjoying with special herbal blend


That might give me the fear! LOL :wink:

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There are other ones that I watched, on our small TV, when I was a child, in the 1970’s, very early 80’s.

Time has not changed the fact that I first watched ‘Sabata’, ‘Death Rides a Horse’, ‘Revenge in El Paso’, on theBBC, in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

Of course, they were in - what we now regard as crappy 'pan 'n scan…of a certain age. We rejoiced in the fact that we could see something Spaghetti-Western related, having seen ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’, on BBC TV on Easter Monday, 1976.the on a small-screen.

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Death Rides A Horse was one of the very first spaghettis I saw besides the Leones, and it was a terrible copy - about as bad as it gets. Extremely cropped pan and scan and the video quality was really, really bad. I was immediately in love despite this. The opening scenes in the stormy weather grabbed my attention right away. Its one of the few that I can clearly remember watching the first time and how I felt about it

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The ones that I have come to love, I still love…

Not sure if I’ve come to dislike anything connected with the Spag. West.

The Dollar Trilogy, and anything Leone connected was with me when I was a child,
and it represented ‘life’ to me, because of the crap I was getting at school.

In my own case, I associate the first viewings of the ‘Dollar Trilogy’, OUATITW’, and 'FOD ', with my family, and mum, and dad being alive.

I remember setting a tape recorder up against our small TV, in 1981, and insisting, as a 16 year-old, that everyone in the family be silent for ‘A Fistful of Dollars’, and ‘For a Few Dollars More’. My dad coughed, a few times, because he had cancer, and it came out on the tape. He died a sort while later. I played that tape God-knows how many times, just wanting to hear that cough, over and over.

The recordings of the films was irrelevant…Dad’s cough was…and still is…


They were good times, because we still had our youth.
In these present times, we still have, if we choose, decisions that can either kill, or preserve.
Everyone…please stay young in your heart, but wise in your decisions.

SW’s I used to like…


First saw this on TV in the early 80’s. and thought it was good, because it starred Lee Van Cleef.
Literally, because I was a newbie, I thought this was gold-dust on TV!

Watched it again, recently…what a load of crap!! It puts the original to shame!!!

Didn’t like Lee’s carpet, atop his ‘FAFDM’ perfect dome; hated the pathetic acrobatics, and the lame shit-shite that passes as humour.

Not a patch on ‘SABATA’…which I love!

How can the film producers have gone SO wrong!

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Please do. I would welcome your opinion.

Spaghetti westerns have become a bit like comfort food for me, meaning I am more open to watching sub genre entries. I used to hate comedy spags. But I have grown to appreciate them. One Dollar too Many and Any Gun can Play are good examples. On the flip side more serious entries have lost their appeal.

Here Here!! Well said!

Return of Sabata was a complete cash in a poor imitation of the original. It is more a parody of the original than a proper sequel.

I’m in a minority here, but I like the Sabata Return, and I don’t see why it is so often called inferior to the first one. Actually I even think it is the better film, with Adios Sabata being the best of the 3, but they are all 3 in the 6/10 region.

Oh wow now Adios Sabata is a cool film, I like Yul Brynner. I don’t class it as a straight Sabata flick, Lee IS Sabata. I love the harmonica gun, especially the cigar in the in the last barrel!

Yes, too bad that LvC wasn’t in Adios Sabata.

I havent watched any of the Sabata films in a long time but I remember liking them all. Will need to remember to revisit them soon. I still only have the old DVDs