Fernando Sancho question

I love Fernando Sancho… who doesn’t? Anyways, since a lot of you have seen way more films than I have, is there any spag where Sancho didn’t play a Mexican bandito type?

Yeah, I can think of WANTED, JOHNNY TEXAS where he plays an American army intelligence top brass fellah.
Very good he is too - out of role.

… And here he is - and not a sombrero in sight … gringo :wink:

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DJANGO SHOOTS FIRST, among others. Maybe 10% of the time he played non Mexican bandits. There’s even one where he has blonde hair.

DJANGO SHOOT FIRST, $100, 000 FOR RINGO, WANTED JOHNNY TEXAS…those are the only ones that I can think of, at the moment.

Jeezus, those photos are funny. I was looking at his IMDB page and he’s got over 200 films in the can. At least now I know he wore something besides a sombrero. Thanks! :smiley:

Did he every play a good guy in a SW?

I like to see when bad guy actors play good guys.

eg. Jose Bodalo in Garringo, Eduardo Fajardo in Killer Adios, Klaus Kinski in and God Said to Cain and BLack Killer etc…

Yes, he did

In Django spara per primo/Django shoots first he plays the comical side-kick of Glen Saxson
My review is still here in the film’s thread

Not really “good guys” but close enough…

In 5.000 dollari sull’ asso Sancho played the role of Carrancho, a likeable crook, Robert Woods’ sidekick. This Carrancho character was what really got Sancho’s career in SWs going and was so loved by Spanish audiences that director/producer A.Balcazar made a spin-off movie Viva Carrancho! (with Robert Woods in a secondary role) the same year. Sancho’s only starring role in SWs as far as I know. Has anyone seen this? Only available with Spanish dub (Spanish VHS).

In A Man and a Colt (Un hombre y un colt) he played the role of double-dealing Mexican revolutionary who’s in it just for money. Another “likeable little bastrad” role for Sancho. More roles in the same vein: Dig Your Grave, Friend… Sabata’s Coming, Stagecoach of the Condemned & Watch Out, Gringo! Sabata Will Return. In these films he didn’t have any gang to lead and he wasn’t a sadist, either.

I just read all this. I can’t believe nobody mentioned The Big Gundown where he plays the gringo hating Captain Segura. Mexican, si. Bandito, no.

In Joaquín Romero Marchent’s ANTES LLEGA LA MUERTE he was neither a villain nor a Mexican. In the Balcázar film CLINT EL SOLITARIO, he was not a Mexican villain but a gringo thug, of the sort one associates with Antonio Molino Rojo.

In STAGECOACH OF THE CONDEMNED, he was a villanous Mexican bandit. In ABRE LA FOSA, AMIGO, LLEGA…SÁBATA, he is Mexican and has a gang at his command at the very start, but not later on.

In ¡¡VIVA CARRANCHO!!, he is the lead and the script even seems to toy with the idea of giving him a romantic subplot with a female cook (Asunción Vitoria).

In THE RETURN OF RINGO, he plays a Mexican, but an upper-class one.

As I recall Sancho was not a bandit in The Implacable Three (Tres Hombres Buenos) either. Sombrero wearing Mexican, yes, but definitely one of the 3 good guys of the title.

In Bosch’s DALLAS, he was not a bandit but a standalone thief. In PISTOLEROS DE ARIZONA (more or less, the film that established him) he is also a lone thief, although at one point he is provided with a gang.