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Morning guys,

Mods, apologies in advance if this isn’t allowed, delete/lock the thread if so but I’m not really sure where else to ask this question as this is the only film orientated forum I visit and nobody has every really given me any feedback on the website. Also wasn’t sure if this should be in Town Hall or The Saloon…

Basically I run a website for my own satisfaction to log the films I watch as I enjoy writing. It doesn’t generate big traffic nor do I earn money through it (the ads are wordpress ads frustratingly…) or wish to ever earn cash through it, so I’m not fishing for views or anything like that.

I wondered if anyone had any feedback of the reviews I write? My favourite genre is the western genre (quite a few on there), but I’ve never really ventured into reviewing spaghetti westerns on the site but I’m trying to do a new series “western wednesday” where I do shorter reviews of spaghetti westerns predominantly and some of the older American black and white westerns…

When I first started back in 2020 some of the reviews are absolutely terrible but I’d like to hope that they’ve got better over time.

Any constructive criticism / feedback would be appreciated. On the site as a whole and this new series I’m trialling. For instance the first series is based on the Django films I’ve seen, whereas the second and third will be on Lee Van Cleef films and Randolph Scott films with Klaus Klinski films to follow.


They are nice little reviews Bubz. tasters for the unitiated which sometimes is exactly folk need.

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