Favourite SW quote?

“You can’t run fast enough or far enough. I’ll hunt you down and kill you like the rotten beast you are.”

“The Big Gundown”

“You are a traitor! Therefore I will kill you once more!!” (BangBang)

/Fernando Sancho in Domenico Paolellas Hate for Hate.

From Adios Gringo:

-But before they get us I’m gonna make all of them spit blood, everyone. With each of these six bullets I’m gonna send six of them to hell!

Great quote and great scene.

“They call him Silence because wherever he goes the silence of death follows”

[quote=“Il Cattivo 49, post:16, topic:79”]the best ones are blondie’s in GBU:


hehe, was just waiting for someone to mention this one. I agree, it’s one of the best. but these are also good:

“Tuco: The next time I want more than half
Blondie: You may run the risks my friend, but I do the cutting. If we cut down my percentage… cigar?.. it might interfere with my aim.”

“When a man with a 45. meets a man with a rifle…”

“Why you do this for us?”

“Cause I knew someone like you once and there was no one there to help”

[quote author=Silvanito link=topic=61.msg3302#msg3302 date=1147126280]
“Why you do this for us?”

“Cause I knew someone like you once and there was no one there to help”

yea,this sums up “man with no name” a perfect simple sentence that speaks volumes, doesn’t need to be elaborated,you know all you need to know about what drives him from this response.

“I want my 50 women”

Blindman :slight_smile:

ok, here’s a quiz; what film:

“I don’t want to be a hero, I just want the money” (The quote pretty much sums opp the italian western)

“Revenge is a dish best eaten cold”

“-You mean u dont admire peace?
-It not really easy to like something you know nothing about.”

They are from three different films. Shouldnt be so hard. At least not the last one…

“Revenge is a dish best eaten cold” - Death rides a horse !?


Here’s the answers for the other two:
“just want the money” - fistful of dynamite

“Ramon: You mean you dont admire peace?
Joe: It’s not really easy to like something you know nothing about” - FOD

some of my favorite lines(not all spagetti westerns)

Death rides a horse:

Somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold. Hot as you are, you’re liable to end up with indigestion.

Hang em’ High:

Next time you hang a man make sure he’s dead

The Wild Bunch:

If they move KILL EM!

Some good ones from ‘a fistful of dynamite’:
-“You’ll pay for this! I’m a citizen of the United States of America! -To me you are a naked son of a bitch.”

“-Could I tell you something? -What? -Fuck You.”

and of course Mallory’s favorite line when blowing something up “Duck you sucker!”:smiley:

Some of my favorites:

What are we going to do with this one, Frank?
Frank: Now that you’ve called me by name?

Harmonica: So, you found out you’re not a businessman after all.
Frank: Just a man.

Cheyenne: You don’t understand, Jill. People like that have something inside… something to do with death.

Cheyenne: You could make a fortune. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hey, more than that. Thousands of thousands.
Harmonica: They call them “millions.”

I also like Angel Eyes’ qoute “adios half soldier” very much:D [I don’t know if someone metioned it already]

Good book said pray not only for the virtuous pray for the sinner’s also,they need it most… BAW BAW BAW!!!
Cloud of Dust… Cry of Death… Sartana Is Coming

Trinity: Well, I’m not lookin’ for trouble.
Bambino: You never knew how to do anything else.

Bambino: You get washed up. And tomorrow, you leave.
Trinity: See ya later.
Bambino: No you’re NOT gonna see me later!

Bambino : Don ’ t call me Bambino !
Trinity : You want me to call you Sheriff ?
Bambino : Don ’ t call me
They call me Trinity

… … … … … …

… … … …
Silence in the Great Silence ;D

Sean Mallory: Well Jesus, Juan, you can’t leave now. You’re a great, grand, glorious hero of the revolution
Juan Miranda: Could I tell you something?
Sean Mallory: What?
Juan Miranda: Fuck You.
Giu la testa

FoD is full of good quotes. I like the scene with the mule:
"But if you apologize to my mule like i know you´re going to"
I think i like SW so much because of great quotes.
Also love the dialogue of Jill in the station with the bartender about taking a bath:
"You are lucky the water has only been used by three people"
Jill:“After each other or at the same time?” something like that.

Seeing as Jack Palance is no longer with us, one of his characters quotes:

This valley is crawling with vultures… I wonder how long a body would last?

  • You can clean up the mess, but don’t touch my coffin.

Navajo Joe:
“Come on I’ve found some girls!”
“What about the horses?”
“Let them find their own girls!”

Black Killer:
“You’re a real bastard, you know that?”
“I know. That’s what my father said.”