Favourite/Non-favourite Movie Posters

A film usually relies, first and foremost, upon a good trailer, and an eye-catching poster.
Over the years there have been good, bad and downright lazy and blimmin’ ugly film posters. Some are so nasty and inappropriate that they are good…in a perverse sort of way. :smile:

There is so much brilliant art-work out there, and so many extremely talented artists, that it seems a shame not to celebrate their work over the past few decades.

Do you have a favourite movie poster? Any decade, any year, and any genre.
Amigos can either own original posters, or re-productions, or simply post a shot of a poster that they would like to have. After all, film posters date back to the beginning of cinema, so take your pick, and post your favourites.

To start:

Have fun, amigos…


Therapist: Clean shaven Silence isn’t real, he can’t hurt you
Clean shaven Silence:

I don’t like this poster at all :joy: Nothing wrong with clean shaven men, but clean shaven Silence is nightmare fuel. Also, Kinski looks like he could be a hillbilly npc in gta v. And Pauline seems to have turned from Afro-American to white