Favourite Damsel In Distress in a Spaghetti Western?

i apologise if this has been done before, but helpless women having to be rescued is a staple of the cinema ( although they have hit back recently) and this applies to the Spaghetti Western as well although not as much as some genres. Who is your favourite DID? and in which film.

Loredana Nusciak in Django, and Evelyn Stewart in No Graves on Boot Hill do it for me.

What else can I say? The first one that came to my mind as well… the prototype of a DID:

Beautiful, helpless, bound, whipped…

How about Marisol in A Fistful of Dollars? Surely she’s the most iconic?

Good example, John.

The chick in Cemetary without Crosses.

Yea! Another fine example, because the DiD also has to be pretty hot :wink:

Django and AFOD are the only two that come to mind here. Most of these women are hardly what I would call “damsels” and their “distress” doesn’t seem to be of any particular importance to any one, except to themselves maybe. Most of the time they seem to be sort of like furniture or a pet or something. Not exactly the genre for DID. Oh, I almost forgot Ringo’s wifey, whats-her-face. ;D