Favourite Blind Dead Film

Just wanted to do a topic dedicated to Amando De Ossorio’s Blind Dead. I recently bought the coffin box set simply because I thought it looked cool. I guess you can say I became an instant fan. Feel free to vote twice if you have a tie.

Also feel free to post your comments on your choice or to list them in order from best to least liked.

great thread Colonel. I’ve been a long time fan of the series and was really glad they got a great DVD treatment.
Tombs of the Blind Dead will always be my favorite - it has everything in it - gorgeous ladies, wonderful scenery, plenty of blind dead rising from the grave, lots of the nightmarish horses in slow-mo, and that tolling of the bell… you know you’re dead when it tolls for you. Being a history buff I have enjoyed the back stories as well - seeing the un-holy knights behaving is great too.

The rest of the series is good and I like that Ghost Galleon and Night of the Seagulls are different in their approach towards the monsters (Return of the Evil Dead is a slight variation on the original - still fun in my book).

Yeah Frank, its a great series of little films and I can’t believe I didn’t discover these films earlier.

I think all of the films have their strengths and weaknesses and I like them all about equal. But I think I like Night of the Seagulls the best because I’m a sucker for Lovecraft influences and I thought it came the closest to actually having a plot LOL.

I think Tombs is my second favorite, great atmosphere and creepiest. People say that there are alot of plotholes but I think they can call be explained.

I like Return because of its fast pace and great soundtrack, but didn’t care for the large crowds, fistfights etc…

Ghost Galleon is considered the weakest but if you take away the “toy ship floating in a bathtub” shots I think it compares quite favorably to the other movies. Perhaps the plot is marred by a few gaps in logic though.

I think De Ossorio is a hugely underrated director. I would like to see how the likes of Spielberg and James Cameron would fare with a similar endowment of resources and budget.

I liked the “ship in another dimension” aspect in Ghost Galleon and the Lovecraft influences on Night of the Seagulls is really solid.

  1. The Night of the Sea Gulls (great atmosphere)
  2. Tombs of the Blind Dead (great action)
  3. The Return of the Evil Dead (dark humor)
  4. The Ghost Galleon (everything is forgiven because of the end).

1 - Night of the Seagulls
2 - Tombs of the Blind Dead
3 - Return of the Blind Dead
4 - The Ghost Galleon

I’m surprised at how many people like Seagulls so far. I thought my choice of Seagulls was in the minority!

I know from other forums and various reviews that many people like Return because its faster paced.

I have to admit I need to watch Night of the Seagulls again. It has been a while.

Watched Tombs of the Blind Dead & Return of the Evil Dead on the recommendation of Col. Douglas Mortimer the other night and I really liked them. Excellent atmosphere- which made Tombs my favorite of the two, as it had the creepier feel. The effects were definitely dated, with the hands of the Knights and whatnot, but I thought it worked in favor of the films.

Return was good too, but I definitely thought its value was more in the laugh factor, as mentioned already. That was one sweet Jeep they were driving around… And was also great to see Fernando Sancho without ammo belts strapped accross his chest for once, although somewhat weird with the hilariously bad English dub…

Looking forward to seeing what the other two have in store

This is a hard one, but i choose Return of the Evil dead, could just as well have been the first or Seagull. The third part is really dull though, but the ending is brilliant.
de Ossorio have made some other just as great horrorfilms, that seems to be pretty much ignored, Possessed and Night of the Sorcerers are both well worth watching, not to mention Hydra - the Sea Serpent, one of the most hilarious turkeys i´ve ever seen, highly recommended!

I’m glad you liked the movies so far auto. Yeah I recommend watching it in spanish with the english dubs cause the english language audio is downright laughable and makes the already comprimised acting look even worse than it is.

yeah my bro also likes Return the best. Its got the best cast I think out of the four.