Favourite Alternate Versions of Famous Characters

This is a thread for discussing all those alternate incarnations of the great characters of the genre. The fake and in name only Djangos, Ringos, Sartanas and Sabatas, whether you want to express your love for George Eastman as Django or your repulsion as the thought of Hunt Powers as Django this is the place to talk about it.

My favourite alternate Django is hands down Terrence Hill in Viva Django, so much in fact that I always view this together with the two official Django movies and think of it as a trilogy telling one continuous story, starting with Viva. Other good ones include Anthony Steffen in W Django and George Eastman in Django Shoots First.

Eastman or Glenn Saxson?

Never mind I was confusing two films in my head.

Cacopoulos, Lozoya and Tae-goo, of course.

Let’s start with Sartana, my favourite SW character together with Django.

A distinction should be made between those films in which the look of Sartana is in some way maintained, albeit to a minimum extent, and those films in which apart from the name the main character has nothing to do with the original.

Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin, Sartana Does Not Forgive, Sartana in the Valley of Death and Django Defies Sartana are placed in the first category, and here in my opinion George Hilton and George Martin are without a doubt the best incarnations, followed by Giorgio Ardisson (the first moustached Sartana!) and William Berger.

As for the second category, not counting Sartana Kills Them All with Garko himself, to my way of thinking the most interesting alternate Sartana is certainly the one played by Jeff Cameron in two Fidani movies, inelegant and miles away from the original. Fabio Testi is colourless and uncharismatic in One Damned Day at Dawn and Franco Borelli/Chet Davis far more convincing as Stranger in Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows, while as we all know the two films with Alberto Dell’Acqua are hard to compare SW comedies.