Favorite SPW Characters

I have waited and waited for Shobary to finish his god damn articles on SPW characters, but he has made absolutley no progress. So, I posted this. I combined the trintiy/nobody vote because it is basically the same character.

I went with Blindman. He is just sooo cool. Tony Anthony is a good actor I think and he is VERY convincing as the Blindman. If his contacts looked just a tad bit more realistic, I would probobly thought Anthony himself was blind! I love his weapon. I just wish he would have bayoneted Domingo or some other bad guy. I especially love his costume. The 1/3 vest 2/3 duster and that droopy sombrero. Anyway, GREAT character, GREAT film! ;D ;D ;D ;D


(Sorry i voted “others”, did not see Tuco on list until afterwards.)

As i voted others, i’ll say Coccpoulis from Ace High.

Yeah, I thought creating the character of Cacopulos was a stroke of genius on Colliza’s part. A Greek gunfighter! Priceless.

Wallach looks exactly like Tuco too.

For the moment I would choose Nero’s Kowalski from il mercenario. (not in the poll)


Old Prophet also from For a Few Dollars More.

I voted Man With No Name :slight_smile:

Yes Scherps I agree. When he rolls this down from the horse it’s like yeah ok fella you win I aint gonna argue with that. Then the silly buggers do and guess who wins.

Most of LVC’s characters do it for me and have done since the first time I laid eyes on Angel Eyes all them years ago. Especially liked him in Day Of Anger as Talby. The development from benevolent uncle who takes Scott Mary under his wing to ruthless entrepeneur is great. He is a great good guy but as a baddie he is evil incarnate.

Can’t say a definite favourite character because there are loads I love but Sabata aint a bad choice.

My vote is for other: Frank Talby.

I just went with the man with no name

My second choice would be Sabata. Geat character.

Mash Flannigan

That wasn’t really a hard choice for me…

No name. It’s hard to go against greatness. That character is the only sw character that transcends the genre.

i voted sartana as always :wink:
if i had anoter choice i voted also sabata it’s almoust the same chracter like sartana only the name change a bit

I voted Tuco. I consider him to be one of the greatest movie characters of all time.

Not just Greek. Mixed race! He said in his story how he was part Cherokee.

What happened to korano then ? and noticed that other young dude Silence is long gone.