Favorite Non–Spaghetti Westerns

Hey Gang.

What do you think are the best of the non “spaghetti westerns” Here’s my list, now what’s yours look like?

The Searchers

The Magnifcent Seven
Rio Bravo
Winchester '73
High Plaines Drifter
Lonesome Dove
3:10 to Yuma
The Quick and The Dead
The Outlaw Josey Wales

more later when I can think of some…

Rio Bravo is of course awesome.

I think the Magnificent Seven is a cheap rip-off of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (well, it is!) and i think its not much of an enjoyable film…

I hated Silverado. It is too “clean”, too “funny” and the music was just terrible!!!

High Plains Drifter is awesome, totally Spaghetti-like, i got it on DVD. really creepy.

Tombstone is allright, kinda like Wyatt Earp…

I didn’t like Josey Wales, I don’t know. would I be from Texas i might think different but i think that film is just not politically correctl. Wales isn’t a robin hood…

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I’m not such a big fan of John Wayne-westerns, but Rio Bravo is one of the best there is. Maybe not because of John Wayne, but rather Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson and Walter Brennan. Also, basically all of Eastwoods american westerns are great - Pale Rider, High Plains Drifter, Unforgiven…
Among the “newer” ones (if 20-25 years old films are new…) I really like The Long Riders (great music), Silverado (the music isn’t bad there either, and Brian Dennehy is one of my favourite actors) and Tombstone (better than Costners film the same year).

I’m not really one for American westerns but my favs are:

The Professionals
Vera Cruz
Ride the High Country
The Wild Bunch
Pat Garret and Billy the Kid
The Outlaw Josey Wales

Some of my favorites:

One-eyed Jacks
Ballad of Cable Hogue
Dead man
El Topo
High Noon
Man who shot Liberty Valance

My best would be

  1. Unforgiven
  2. The Searchers
  3. Dances with Wolves
  4. High Noon
  5. The Wild Bunch
  6. Red River
  7. Open Range
  8. Hang’em High
  9. StageCoach
  10. Rio Bravo
  11. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  12. Wyatt Earp (better than Tombstone imo) ; i know i might get flamed for this
  13. Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid
    and ofcourse a lot more…

very big american western fan, how can you not be? its the base for spaghetti western, spaghetti western directors looked up to american westerns and decided to make them themselves, they worshiped them, so do i

The Searchers (the best, how can you doubt it?)
Man who shot liberty valance
treasure of sierra madre (some say its not, some say it is, i say it is)
the outlaw josey wales
johnny guitar
cheyenne autumn
how the west was one
rio bravo
magnificent seven
high noon
3:10 to yuma
the wild bunch
ox-bow incident
dead man

"I think the Magnificent Seven is a cheap rip-off of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai "

wtf, its a well known fact that The Magnificent Seven is a REMAKE of Seven Samurai, not a “cheap ripoff”, its acknowledged as a remake, and dont call it cheap, its a class A western

and i HATE pale rider

Ive been looking for a copy of treasure of sierra mandre. I really want it, any suggestions johnny?

My top Westerns Are:

High Noon
The Magnificent Seven
The Wild Bunch
The Outlaw Joosey Wales
The Searchers
Pale Rider
Hang em’ High

be sure to get the 2 disc SE that came out in 2003, its really great, if you cant find it in stores try ebay

Will do, thanks a lot.

Oh, looks like the 2 disc is region one only.

My both prefered non spaghetti western are Rio Bravo and Hang’em high. Although I cannot really stand John Wayne (he’s too clean…) I love Rio Bravo (btw most liked western by Tarantino).

At the time John Wayne was not clean at all. before him (well… mainly) the cowboys never smoked, only shot really bad guys and had no intrest in women. Just that Leone and Peckinpah made the wet so damn brutal he appears clean next to them. In the searchers he plays a racist indian killer who’s after his dead brothers dead wife. Before their dead of course. He ain’t clean at all in my opinion.

All the Wayne too clean is not the case, just maybe next to Eastwood, or Cleef he does not look as dirty.

Well, I mean, maybe not only in the actions he does, but also in his appearance as a man. Western hero’s, especially John Wayne, (ok ther ARE exceptions) look CLEAN in a certain way. The way of their beauty ;D To me it seems that non spaghetti western cowboys look well shaved and beauty. It sounds stupid, but I think so. :wink:

Wayne’s not really a hansome man is he? I’m sure women would prefer Eastwood to Wayne any day.

I think that’s not the point. You’re right, if I were a girl I would prefer Eastwood either. Eastwood is rough and Wayne is … clean! No way to explain in a different way.

Buy Wayne is not that clean. He’s more bad mannered and has more killings under his belt. Again i bring up the searchers. He shoots a dead indian in the face twice. He is racist towards his own nephew cause he’s 1/8 indian. He’s generally a bastard. Eastwood is not as bad as Wayne in my opinion.

In the fact that Eastwood is not as bad as Wayne you convinced me. But what about only the appearance. Their BEAUTY? Sounds stupid, I know :smiley:

He also trys to kill his own neice.

And we already said that girs would prefer Eastwood over Wayne. Therefore, Wayne is not a beautiful or handsom and they may say. This is a weird, weird topic :smiley:

Oh yes! But you are right. I never saw it from this point of view…