Fansubs for Karl May DVDs?

Howdy all,

Just a shot in the dark, but has anyone got any english subtitles for those Karl May films that did not have English options on release - ie. Winnetou 3, Firehand and Oil Prince.


I thought they all have English audio… hm…

Depends on what releases you have
I have the Dutch releases (4 DVDs, 4 films on every DVD, some DVD have non-westerns), not all films have English audio, and those that have, sometimes are incomplete, the audio turning to German regularly (sometimes in the middle of a phrase!)

I have the German releases in which two of the three films in each box include English, but the third does not - I have reviews of Karl May Collection I[/url], Karl May Collection II and [url=]Karl May Collection III

I also picked up the Dutch sets when I was on holiday there last year, because they listed English audio but it turns out that none of those that did not have English audio on the German sets, have English audio here either.