Fan Dubs and Torrents

Being pretty new to the forum and spaghettis in general i have taken to them like a duck to water in reading up and finding out which ones i’d like to see etc and up untill now i have bought everything and i’m sure like the rest of you taken great pride in the official dvd’s i’ve bought. But as time goes on, i think i’d quite like to explore some of the fan dubs that have been made. But other than the support they get on here as apposed to cultcine. (now i’ve done bootleg trading in the past and take a moral stance about profiting from other peoples material) trade for the fans but not sell.

So this brings me to where to find all of these torrents. I dont use torrents all that much, have downloaded them befor but was thinking about a thread where people could add torrents to fandubs. that way more people would see them, better downloading times etc. does such a thread exist? and is there anyplans to add these dubs to the database? mainly to avoid spenting a great deal of downloading time when there may be a better version out there unbeknown.

Such a thread is not a good idea. Let’s not forget it’s not really legal.
This site will help you a lot in finding rare films:
If you want my advice, don’t spend money on bootlegs.

yes i understand your point. for a novice its hard to find a place to start when it comes to fandubs etc. i’m checking out cinemageddon. could do with a invite.

If anybody wants an invite to cinemageddon just send me a PM with an email where I can send the invite and I will try and hook you up.

I just signed up for the second time. The first got chucked for not having a good enough share ratio. Its not my fault that not many people wanted to download and for a roof… we’ll see how it goes this time. I’m playing the game a little wiser and trying to get stuff with bonuses. Just snagged the wild east version of day of anger. I’ve also got to get stuff that is dvd rips as i dont have a media encoder to convert avi’s.

Boy, you should’ve signed up last week instead. You would’ve been home free of ratio problems.

what happened last week? I’m just about to complete downloading a fan dub of a Stranger in Town, That has a 40% download bonus so when thats done that will take my stats up to near enough 4.5 gig. I’m going to leave it at that untill i’ve built up my ratio before downloading anything else.

Its bloody tough though, I can see this going on for ages. Only having 2 things to share. I’ve not got anything that’s worth while uploading myself. Ah well.

Last week was free leeching as an anniversary thing so you could have gone for your life and no effect on your ratio. However, the site was overused all week so half the time you couldn’t get on. I saw a lot of Rhinos. (CG members will know what I mean if they were on it last week.)

I used to have trouble with my ratio but maintain mine now strictly through seeding. Choose what you download carefully and keep it available for seeding afterwards and you will be surprised how easy it is. Also, download the featured movies on a regular basis (and as early as you can) and they will definitely seed from you while also having bonus value. This will bump up your ratio without ever uploading a thing. Lastly, where possible, download other stuff which has bonus value. Most stuff in the various projects have this benefit (SW’s included) and this will keep your ratio in better shape.

Hope this helps.

I can’t download anything anymore unfortunately. My bandwidth limit per month is a paltry 25 GB and I have to share that with three other people in the household. Haven’t downloaded anything from CG in over a year. I really miss it.

25 GB?! And I thought my 70 GB limit was way too little. Damn bandwidth limit, it doesn’t even costs companies anything, gotta love how easily they can screw us.