Familiar Italian western plot devices; hero returning from war

(Mike Hauss) #1

I am trying to list as many Italian westerns with similar plot devices. The first list is all the films that have the hero or anti-hero returning from the war!
Return of Ringo
The Wild and the Dirty
Drummer of Vengeance
Please add to the list!


Un dollaro bucato
I crudeli
Una pistola per cento bare

(Toscano) #3

‘The Hellbenders’ (I Crudeli), most definitely.

A cracking good Sergio Corbucci ‘Spaghetti’, starring the ever-reliable Joseph Cotton, as an unforgiving Confederate, trying to keep the flag flying.


It’s a bit different but Gemma played a former soldier in a post-war scenario in ‘The Price of Power’. I could be wrong (been years since I’ve seen it) but wasn’t he a soldier in ‘Fort Yuma Gold’ as well, or was that set during the war?

(Phil H) #5

Yes, Fort Yuma Gold was set during the war.


Apologies. Should re-watch that one soon actually. I have it listed in my top 50 and as the second best ‘Hollywood’ spaghetti after One Silver Dollar.

(morgan) #7

Why Go on KIlling? perhaps? Steven is returning, but as a deserter, and he goes back to the war in the end.