Face to Face - Versions of the English dub

I am in complete agreement with your entire post. Its really a shame, and I really miss the old CG. I wish the admins/mods would work on things. As is, I don’t see a very good future for the site whether that means legal issues due to the moving more towards being just another retail ripping site, or dwindling support from users to keep it alive.

I was struggling with whether or not to even post El Tunco, as undoubtedly the disc will surface in the shops of online sellers making money from my hard work(it was quite a lot of work). Perhaps I will just watch for these sellers and give their names to my Bruja Godmother & let her sort them out :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL … yes, unleash la bruja! :rofl:

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Wait hold on a second, you were the one who did all of those fandubs? Like Johnny Hamlet and They Call Me Halleujah? You were one of the big reasons I’ve gotten into audio engineering! Your work is amazing man! Especially working with the crusty old material you’re given to work with! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication man!

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I did do a fandub of They Call Me Hallelujah and that was one I cleaned the audio up on which was sourced to the Japanese SPO release. I also did have one for Johnny Hamlet but I don’t think it required much or any work. If I remember correctly, Franco Cleef did that one originally and I think the prints matched up so it didn’t require any syncing. You may be thinking of Franco Cleef who put out a lot of English dubbed DVDRs which he sourced to various VHS releases. I have done a lot as well but never put out or sold any DVDRs, and there are a lot of fandubbers actually including aldo over there.


I thought the Explosive Media release was uncut?

They have released the film twice. The first release doesn’t have full English soundtrack, second release does.

Gotchya,. Thank you!