Explained: Trust Levels and Badges

(Stanton) #41

Quite funny … :wink:

Morgan, if I ever disagreed with one of your posts, I don’t remember that, but I will try never to do that again.

(Stanton) #42

Now that I for the first time checked what this trust and level stuff is, I stumbled in the level 3 category over this one:



Made me kinda curious, who (or what) is that one?

He (it?) even seems to have reached level 4: https://forum.spaghetti-western.net/badges/4/leader?username=dhsupport

(Sebastian) #43

that is the account of the company hosting this forum :slight_smile: So basically the super-admin, which would make me a lowly minion. That account however only accesses the forum for maintenance purposes or in case of technical issues

(Stanton) #44

I supposed that.