Expendables Theatrical or Extended?

My friends (and expendables fans), I’m in need of your opinion!

I was in the store a couple days ago and I was deciding between the theatrical and extended cut of the Expendables 1 on blu ray. Both were the same price. I chose the theatrical.

My rational for choosing theatrical being:

  1. Way better special features
  2. Much more attractive cover art
  3. Came with a shiny slip cover
  4. Extended cuts have historically been hit or miss for me (See Alien, Apocalypse Now, Exorcist etc…)
  5. Did I mention the shiny slip cover?

Now I’m beginning to wonder whether I made the right choice or not. I have read on some reviews that the extended cut is 11 minutes longer and fleshes out the characters better and is overall a better cut. Characters are a big thing with me and movies. And I know that the Expendables is essentially a mindless action flick with little or no characterization so even adding a little bit more might help.

Granted, I don’t think I like the movie enough to buy both blu rays and I don’t think that the director’s cut is enough of an improvement to double dip. Its not like the film is drastically improved or anything. Lord of the Rings trilogy for example is one of the few instances where the extended edition in my opinion is a drastic improvement but thats another story.

But nevertheless, I’m a big fan of seeing the Director’s intended vision of the film.

So I am torn. What should I do? Go out and buy the director’s cut? Exchange and get the director’s cut? Leave things as is? Download the director’s cut off of piratebay?

Did I make the right choice? Is the extended version a significant enough improvement to warrant a double dip?

Thanks in advance.

Was not aware of the extended version till you mentioned.

I have read somewhere that the extended cut is often a totally different film. Or was that about John Rambo?

Not sure Col.

It seems like the kind of thing to ask Dr Phil ;D

Here is a detailed comparison



[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:5, topic:3123”]Here is a detailed comparison



Thanks alot JC. Apparently this reviewer says its an improvement over the theatrical edition. My question is have any of you seen the extended version and is the extended so much an inprovement to warrant a double dip?