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hi django kill here
i have not been buying much spaghetti’s lately due to money problems the last big buy i did some years back was i bought about 6 spaghettis from graig leadbetter at euro trash a i do not know were to start buying them again the olny other place i know of is amazon and other local stores were i live but all the good movies i use to get from tony at xploited cinema .com and he’s going out of busness and not sure how to get my collection bigger and watch more and own more of these fab films ebay is the olny other place top buy but i have been ripped off alot on there so is the olny other place to buy from but i kinda sucks cause they are all burned copys he sells and i just do not have the money to spend on imports like i use to anyone help seems ok. The best place to order SW’s is propably CineCity, he burns a lot of DVDr’s and sometimes they’re pretty expensive but he also has just about everything.

EDIT: The plot Eurotrashcinema wrote about Pistol For 100 Graves is incorrect.

checked the website were is the company located they charge in euro’s i live in the u.s.a california to be exact…

Located in Loosdrecht, Netherlands.

Off topic: I don’t mean to be a dick, but could you please use some interpunction and some capitals?

Sorry about that i can olny type with one hand most of the time,because i have twin boys that i take care off, and i usally always am holding one or have a bottle in one hand so i type the best i can!!!


Cinecity is to expensive for me.