European Foreiger in SW

Hi. It´s commom to see, some stranger… “Companheros” Nero plays a suede. In Hallejula´s back Lincoln Tate is a scottish. Not only in spaghettis but Mexico have this kind of incursion by the european nations. “Wild Bunch” has a german selling ammo to Mapache… Any more ?


The Dutch guy in 5 Man Army, the Polack in The Mercenary

The Austrian Baron Von Schulenberg in “La resa dei conti”.

What English villains have their been?
John Steiner?

Scottish family in 2 McGregors films.

Gemma is Swiss in “White, Yellow and the Black”.

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:4, topic:502”]What English villains have their been?
John Steiner?[/quote]
steiner in Tepepa?? a villain, not really, at least in my eyes.
Nero explains on the companeros dvd in an interview, that he asked for playing foreigners in his later ones where he did the syncro himself. First he didnt speak in perfect american accent and he felt like most people in the west at that time were immigrants.
The germans in Wild Bunch are great. Nothing better than stereotypes.

There’s a pair of posh English kids in THEY CALL HIM CEMETERY (one of which is Eric Pollard from Emmerdale Farm) and then there’s Hills character in MAN OF THE EAST.

There was a whole bunch of europeans behaving badly in Shalako (not strictly a spaghetti I know but certainly a eurowestern). Peter Van Eyck was a nasty German, Honor Blackman the moneygrabbing Englishwoman and Jack Hawkins her ineffectual husband. Not sure what nationality Shalako was supposed to be himself but by Sean Connery’s accent you would have to guess an ex pat Scot.